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Lightweight stable grenade hotkey mod, with MCM support.

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This mod needs NVSE

Do you like playing F3NV in realtime like an FPS ?
Do you find yourself not using grenades due to the sheer hassle of equipping ?
This mod was made to fix this by making grenades a click and forget like modern FPS.
The only other mod for this, despite looking gorgeous, was unfortunately bugged and causes constant random crashes.
Complimented by the Mine Key mod.

• Click toggle hotkey (default g) to switch chosen quick grenade type.
• Throw key should be used when a weapon is already drawn
• Click grenade hotkey (default middle-mouse) to throw grenade.
• Use MCM menu to reconfigure hotkeys & reposition icon

• Make sure NVSE (New Vegas Script Extender) is installed
• Recommended to have MCM (Mod Configuration Menu for reconfiguring keys.
• Recommended to have UIO (User Interface Organizer) for HUD icons & grenade count.
• Install using NMM, choose the DLC option if you have those installed.
• you can manually extract files, but be sure to only use one of the esps (vanilla / dlc one)

I want to use middle-mouse click too ! but it's mapped to view change ?
Go to settings -> controls -> actionmapping
At the bottom right click "device", then click scroll the "wheel" entry and hit escape to unmap.