About this mod

Mod I made for TTW, contains a great many new armors all added to leveled lists and what have you.

Permissions and credits
S.I.G. AKA Senterpats Immersive Gear AKA TTW Immersive Armors and Weapons
S.I.G. is the new name for this mod! Happy new name everybody!

!!! Mod Requires Tale of Two Wastelands. (TTW) !!!

Authors note: I'd appreciate some screenies uploaded :D Leave a comment so I know you uploaded it and I'll give you some kudos for the help, also any comments with tips, ideas, good things, bad things, appreciation etc are welcome! :D

What it is:

There are a lot of great armor mods on the Nexus, and with TTW the options are even greater, this mod combines dozens of armor and weapon mods into one comprehensive mod, adding the items to the leveled lists of various factions, balancing the items appropriately, converting F03 armors and weapons to New Vegas standards. All assets are used with author permission or free to use assets. I also made dozens of my own creations to add as well. I didn't put anything in Doc Mitchells.

Currently in alpha phase, this mod contains well over a hundred new weapons, armor, and helmets, added to various leveled lists, greatly increasing the variety of armors and clothing. In it's current state, you should find plenty of items in both wastelands.

The weapons were mostly made with the raiders in mind, so it's alot of scrap, homemade weapons. I've also avoided any overlap with Project Nevada, Classic Fallout Weapons, or Weapons of the New Millenia.
There are several new unique weapons, mostly placed in the Capital Wasteland.
The armors are mostly mash ups and retextures, the armors are mostly added with the raider/wastelander in mind.
There are also a number of "accessories": Backpacks, glasses, scarves, etc.
Almost all items were made using Fallout resources, so they should blend into the vanilla game well.

What is done: 

Weapons added by the mod  all have 3 mods, melee included, however there aren't any mods added to the vendor lists or anything, so they can only be obtained if you have a mod like Weapon Mod Vending Machine or Vending Machines of the Wastes.
Items have been added to raider leveled lists in DC.
Talon Factions leveled lists changes are completed, several new Talon themed armors, and an expanded weapons list.
Appropriate armors have been added to various other leveled lists.
Most recipes have been completed: Homemade weapons, armoring vault/jump suits. Once armored each vault suit has a unique object effect.
Vault jumpsuits can be upgraded multiple times, increasing it's strength across the board. 

What is not done:

More recipes
Item value balancing
Object effect balancing.
Weapon repair formlist
Repair vanilla with new stuff formlists, this will be done via script, most of it's done, but I need to finish the weapons before I add it.
Perk formlists
Armor repair kits. With all the variety of armor it may be a bit harder to repair armor, so I feel adding these would be appropriate
Vendor lists: weapons, armor, mods
Item placement in world
Asset cross-integration: Is what I like to call it. Basically all the armors (almost) were made using vanilla assets, only retextured, so I'm going to apply the various textures to appropriate armor pieces and come up with some other variants. So an armor made using the jumpsuit, can come in 7 colors. Some of these have already been added in v .2, the Raider Metal armors are rustier variants of the other metal armors. I can do this all in the geck, so it wont increase the file size much, which is pretty great.
A FNV stand alone version.
Possible: New crafting station to convert materials into armor materials (ala Skyrim).  Ex: Convert dog hide into leather, and make leather armors, or scrap metal into metal plates. Not sure if many would be interested in such a system tho. Would have to be  a station that could smelt, and tan hides.
MCM menu - Option to convert misc item weapons into misc items on pick up. (maybe more options)
Increase armor variety of other factions: Outcasts, Enclave, BoS, Regulators, Khans. I'll be leaving most of the NV Factions armor lists alone, I use Dragbody's NCR Trooper Overhaul and his Caesers New Regime. Both are extremely well done, so I feel no need to mess with them. I may alter their weapons lists tho.
DLC Weapon and armor integration, where appropriate, judged by me, open to hearing problems with these if you have a good reason.
Object effect balancing.
Feminized power armor meshes
Optional glove option ( will make armor gloves a seperate piece of clothing so you can choose your gloves. Some will have dt, other small enchants.)
Make credited author section more specific.

Q: Can you make xxxx armor or weapon?
A: Probably not, as I'm pretty satisfied with the variety I currently have, but hey, can't hurt to post your ideas.

Q: This mesh/texture is missing!
A: That's not a question. But leave the name of any armors or weapons that are acting strangley, and I'll get it fixed.

Q: Can you make a version without xxxx?
A: As a general answer: No. However, if you have a lore reason why an armor or weapon shouldn't exist, or be with a certain faction I've put it with, post a comment and we can discuss it. that being said,

Q: Is this mod lore-friendly?
A: I believe so, yes. In the sense that nothing should contradict lore. I'm not a lore-monger though, so let me know if something slipped through.