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About this mod

Torch is a lore friendly Fire Gecko that is on par with NV default companions. He features a working companion wheel, custom textures, custom companion perk, custom dialogue, perk learning system, quest in the making and hours of adorable squeaks and chirps.

Permissions and credits
Warning: Downloading this mod requires Honest Hearts DLC

Further Warning: This mod may contain adorable geckos

If you enjoyed this mod please endorse and share, Thanks!

Current Version: 1.4 - Spawn moved to Goodsprings, Rebalanced health and dropped level to 2 when first met,Torch can now use MedX-Super Stimpaks-Stimpaks-Antivenom while in combat, Torch now benefits from the Ferocious Loyalty perk, fixes done to the Perk Unlocks not showing, Alterations done to the Folded Note for the lead up to the quest line, Dialogue changed in various spots, Torch now teleports to his home locations when told to go home.

Update 1.5 under way - Torch's unmarked upgrade quest, ability for torch to eat certain bug parts for stat bonuses, interaction with the Animal Friend Perk.

Alternate Texture Version now available thanks to the awesome ewi65

Torch Features:

Fully working companion wheel
Custom dialogue with implemented sounds
Perk Influenced dialogue that unlocks perks for Torch as you unlock them on your character
Lore friendly backstory and content
Lucky 38 optional home
Custom perk with image
Benefits from the Ferocious Loyalty perk
Intelligent AI (Torch doesn't do suicidal ED-E style rushing)
Uses MedX, Stimpaks, Super Stimpaks, and Antivenoms intelligently while in combat; he will always use Supers before normals
Sandbox waiting

Safe for the Strip
Leveling up to 50 for Project Nevada users
Growl mechanic similar to what Rex does
Custom textures


Torch can be found inside the Goodsprings Schoolhouse hunting the mantis nymphs.

Perk Influenced Dialogue
Unlocking perks during your playthrough will give you the ability to interact with Torch and teach him what you have learned.
Interaction Perks:

Hit The Deck
Light Step

More coming in the future!

Gecko Symbiosis:
75% Reduction in flame damage taken
50% Increased damage vs insects
Mobile campfire crafting

Extra Info
Torch looks adorable when swimming (go ahead try it out)
Tested and fully working on Lonesome Road DLC

Future Plans
Once Torch is completed and the bugs are patched out I will be adding mod support to several of the top mods of Nexus NV:
World of Pain - More Perks - More Perk for Companions
Optional versions in the future with more DLC required content
Quest for upgrading Torch's abilities
More perks for him to learn from you as you unlock them
More abilities and services that Torch can offer
Take the top creature companion spot in Nexus

Wanna Help?
I'm always up for awesome ideas to improve Torch so pitch them to me!
I'm also looking for awesome screenshots of the follower, if you have an awesome PC with awesome graphical mods send me some of those screenies!
This is also my first mod for Fallout NV