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Playable guitar weapon

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Name: Wasteland Guitar Hero
Category: Animated Weapon
Author(s): Flipdeezy

update: Whoah my mod made it into the Shoddycast! That is awesome! I have just been slammed with real life stuff so sorry i never got around to updating Thanks for the support!


I loved umpa's "guitar weapon" mod but always wished they could be playable, so I stopped wishing and made it happen :)
I built this mod from the ground up but full credit to Umpa for his awesome resources.  Def check out his mod and download it 

here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/2803/?


As of right now there is only one type of guitar, an acoustic guitar which can be found in all the usual places as well as in the back the prospectors saloon. When you equip the guitar found under the weapons tab, you will get the option to play the guitar under the aid section (best I could do for now, mostly due to engine limitations I think it works pretty well if I may say so myself). 

Playing the guitar will play an animation and a random original guitar lick.  Folks standing around will like it.

FYI, like all instruments, it will be difficult to play the guitar if you don't know how. Maybe there is some fully voiced not so mysterious stranger out there in the desert that can teach you? Once you learn how to play guitar you will be more charismatic cuz of course, as we all know, guitar players get all the ladies :D


If you just want to play the guitar add the guitar hero perk through the console

player.addperk xx001382



1. Install using Mod organizer or Nexus mod manager


1. See above

Known Issues or Bugs

This mod is in beta so in the event that I broke something, please let me know! (be nice please, although I have worked on mods before and have some decent experience with the Geck and scripting, its my first actual mod release). I am happy to try and squash any bugs you find the best I can. 

NPC's equipped with rifles will not dance or clap. their weapons would go all weird when they did and I found it to be strange, so I disabled it.

Some minor clipping issues exist. Hopefully will be fixed in the next version.

When playing guitar with weapon unholstered, or in first person, sometimes the animation wont que up correctly.  Once the play guitar script is complete it will reset itself and play properly.  In general, as long as the play guitar option is triggered under the aid section with the guitar weapon holstered, and in third person the script will run pretty reliably.  

After the guitar script plays the guitar may be automatically re-equipped until the script turns off for good. If this happens just wait a moment and you should be able to un-equip it with no problem. this will be fixed in the next version.


Beta V_3 - Fixed an issue were guitar animation wouldn't play on first equip. Slightly different implementation of initial message when you havent learned to play yet. Plays nicer with engine

Beta V_2 - Added some missing voice and lib files for Lonesome Drifter

Beta V_1 - Release

Thanks to:
Bethesda of course
Umpa for the Original guitar weapon, as well as CKemu & Tweet who contributed the textures and meshes for the bits of the original mod I based the weapon portion on.

HUGE shouts in particular to bluebellfairy and weijiesen both of whom are ridiculously talented modders and pillars of the community who have been SUPER helpful, patient and accommodating with their time and resources to a lowly novice modder such as myself. Seriously, thank you guys!

download their mods

here http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/13143700/?


here http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/1026866/?tb=mods&pUp=1

Tools Used

You are free to redistribute any part of this mod all I ask in return is that you give me credit for the mod and the original music, and Umpa and the original artists credit for the assets used to make the weapon and guitar item. 

I am not responsible for any damage to your computer caused by this or any other mod