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About this mod

A pre-war radio station that plays old western programs like Gunsmoke with a little bit of period folk/blues/old time country mixed in.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: I've added a host, Doc Rogers, with his words of wisdom and reminiscence. A former vault dweller, Doc Rogers is the descendant of the famous cowboy Roy Rogers (hens his obsession with cowboy radio programs). The holotapes containing the programs Gunsmoke and Frontier Town have been passed down along generations in his family since they entered the vault during the war. Now he broadcasts from his home in the wastelands with his dog Daisy by his side.

Install instructions:
I will upload a full single file when I am in a place that gets better wifi. For now, there's an extra step to get Doc Rogers:

1) download the Main File and install it with your mod manager or however you prefer to install mods. If you just want the music and stories, no host, you can stop here and it will play.
2) To add Doc Rogers, you will have to download the additional file, then unzip it.
3) Copy the .esp and REPLACE the existing LOTW.esp located in your data folder.
4) From the file you downloaded, open up sounds/songs/legendsofthewest and copy the tracks that are in there over to your game's data/sounds/songs/legendsofthewest folder. There should also be all the songs already in there. Leave them there.

Note: one potential bug may be associated with the Bounties mod. Between tracks you may hear Randall's voice say "Are you ready to work?" but then go back to the station. If you don't get this, then great! You should be all set. For those of you who do, I am working on it and please let me know if it happens in your game.

What is LOTW?

Legends of the West is a new radio station in the wasteland that broadcasts radio programs including Gunsmoke and Frontier Town. A little bit of blues, folk, and other old timey music plays randomly between programs.

What will I hear?

Each program plays 3 Episodes (6 total) each one 30 minutes long. The assortment of music adds about 11 minutes to the station, so in total you are getting around 3 hours and 10 minutes of content.

Between programs you will hear western music from the prewar era, though it may not always play between programs as the playlist is set to random.

You do not need any other mods or DLC to play this mod, it is set to the Vanilla game.

Feel free to use this for your own mod or send me requests. I have a little time on my hands and will revisit this mod in a month's time with requests, recommendations, and additional content!