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Equipment for those who go stealthily into the night.

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Nightskulker Gear

Equipment for those who go stealthily into the night.

Version 2.1


What's this mod all about?

This is a very basic equipment mod, primarily oriented towards being Stealthy with enhanced vision in dark places. Nothing fancy - existing models and textures are used throughout. Items are placed here-and-there across New Vegas, but are also grouped together for easy access. Availability tends to be balanced based on expected player level during a normal play-through of the game; nothing overpowered. An earlier version of this mod originally appeared in A World of Pain (AWOP) - Revisions.

The images above show the useful effects of the special goggles. The two on the right are in absolute total darkness for normal eyesight; nothing at all could be seen. Whereas the left-most has only the small fire and its very close surroundings being visible normally - all else would be inky blackness.

How do I start? Where do I go and what do I do?

Go pay a visit to Yangtze Memorial. But bring along a Shovel.

Do I have to begin a new game to use this mod? Or can it be used with a saved game?

You do not need to begin a new game to use this mod. You should be able to install it and use it with an existing saved game.

Does this mod conflict with other mods?

There are currently no known conflicts.


Low-Light Goggles - modest vision enhancement when the lighting is poor; most effective when your Pip-Boy light is turned on. Visit the Yangtze Memorial, but take along a Shovel.

Night Vision Goggles - comes in handy when exploring the darker places of the Wastelands. "Safely" stored in a Nipton residence.

Advanced Night Vision Goggles - for those deepest, darkest, most dangerous areas of the wastelands. WARNING: May cause Retina Overload in lighted areas! For sale at Mick & Ralph's.

Nightskulker Beret (black) - headgear suitable for covert operations; same place where you need that Shovel.

Prototype Electric Pistol - a "silenced" alternative for one-handed energy weaponry; same place where you need that Shovel.

Prototype Electric Rifle - a "silenced" alternative for two-handed energy weaponry. Be sure to hone your Lockpick skill before proceeding to the Hidden Supply Cave.


Requires the Old World Blues DLC.


Select just one of these downloads:

Skulker Gear - gear items are stored in various places across the wasteland.

Skulker Gear Alternate - same as Skulker Gear, but uses only Biker Goggles as the clothing model.

Buried Treasure - all of the gear is stuffed into a burial mound at Yangtze Memorial; i.e. "easy mode".


Install using a mod manager or manually. Place the file anywhere in your load order - no conflicts expected.


This mod should be compatible with any saved game.


Install new versions, allowing overwriting of files. Or uninstall any older version, then install this new one.


There are no known problems at this time.


This mod may not be reused in part or whole for any purpose other than its original intent. It may not be uploaded to any other web site. Get in touch with me if you wish to discuss things; for example, translation into a non-English language.


Nivea - for inspiring me to begin tinkering with my own stuff back in 2013.


"Collapsed Underpass South" - A World of Pain (AWOP) by Dj Mystro


v2.1 - Added a Nightskulker Beret
v2.0 - Alternate models based on Biker Goggles
v1.0 - Initial Release


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Going into and out of places (like buildings or underground) is the most memory intensive part of the game, because the game does not do a good job of unloading the current location data before loading the next. So that is when memory usage peaks, and it is the most likely time for an out-of-memory crash. It is very common for players to experience crashes during "transitions", and often it is because they have too many mods installed and/or use high resolution textures, etc. However, here is a list of recommendations that can significantly reduce the likelihood of such crashes during game play.

4GB Fallout New Vegas Updated - a special launcher that lets the game use 4 GB (instead of 2 GB) for 64-bit Windows:

NVAC New Vegas Anti Crash - an NVSE plug-in that handles certain types of errors that could otherwise cause a crash: