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Dynamic Accessories it's adds to the game a little more immersion by allowing you to change some accessories in use. For now you can fold the authority glasses on your shirt, choose to wear from a shemagh the scarf, face mask or hood (or all of them) and an activate or stand-by mode for a headgear.

Permissions and credits
v1.01 >> Fixed some scripting. Added conditions to the hood so if you have the earpiece equipped it unequips it. Come on guys clipping is bad!

I always hated the fact that to have a scarf in my game and to cover my face with a face mask I needed two different items in my inventory, even a hood with a mask or a hood with a scarf >.< the items just multiplicated!!!
So I took my rusty scripting skills and put them to some use. By using some resources from fellow community members (I'm useless at texturing and 3D editing) I came up with some nifty accessories that I hope may make your gaming experience a little better.

- FOLDABLE AUTHORITY GLASSES: Always wanted to flash those fancy Authority Glasses in a raider's face? Well, look no further! Now when you unequip your Authority Glasses you can see a folded model on your shirt! Allowing you to still be a badass in those awkward situations where you don't want to take off your glasses because you're afraid Boone or Veronica will make fun of you and its night time.

- FULL TACTICAL SHEMAGH: This one is what started me on this mod. You wanted a Shemagh because you notice how cool they were and how chilly the Mojave can be at night, then you wanted a hood and then a face mask and now you got six items on your inventory encubering you. With this Shemagh you can select from a menu how you want to wear it (Just the scarf, covered face, hood or both).

- SCOUTER HEADGEAR: Everyone liked the Wasteland Opportunist Armor earpiece right? Did you felt depressed because you couldn't wear those glasses that appeared to be stuck at your forehead? Don't worries! Uncle Shockwave fixed it for ya. Now you can choose an "active mode" and a "stand-by mode" when equipping it.

EYEPATCH: This is a bonus. I added an eyepatch that allows you to choose which eye you want to cover.

...But Shockwave where are my awesome fashion jaw-dropping items? Go to Chet in Goodsprings. He is selling it.

1-Install the .esp and meshes and textures to the "Data" folder of your Fallout New Vegas
2-Activate it using your favorite mod manager tool or vanilla launcher.
3-Go nuts!!!

1-Remove everything that starts with PR_ in your meshes and textures folder
2-Remove the .esp file from your New Vegas data folder

>>Compatibility and Requirements:
This mod does not need NVSE

>>Known Issues:
Okay I tried my best to prevent this bug but here is what you should know: 
- Scouter Headgear and Eyepatch don't have proper world models, I'm using vanilla ones so you can drop them and pick them up but I will try to find proper ones

- If you equip any of this items from a hotkey the script will not run (except the Authority Glasses I think). This happens because the game engine doesn't handle very well hotkeyed items message menus. It's an ENGINE ISSUE I'm NOT God.
I will try to workaround this. Also if you equip to many of this items in a roll they probably won't work. You have to equip one, choose option and then close open pipboy and choose another. Also engine issue. You can't have 300 message menus in Game Mode can you? One at a time.

Please if you like the mod endorse it! It keeps authors alive (modifiers in my case that only uses other people work hahaha) at the New Vegas nexus. DO NOT forget to endorse FIRST the original mods linked below, I had to go asking many members for permission and they deserve credit for their work.

Nivea, Tumbajamba, UrgeNexus for the Shemagh textures and models - Spice of LifeScavenger Armors and Waster's Scarf respectively
Zeus_II for the Scouter Headgear model - Wasteland Opportunist Armor
Dragbody for the folded Glasses model - Casual Courier
Latexschlampe for the eyepatch model - 

Water Tower Hideout - by MEEE!!!