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Fix for the Sonic Emitter projectiles. Corrects the texture path for all Sonic Emitter projectile versions and speed of projectile for the Robo-Scorpion version.

Permissions and credits
Old World Blues Sonic Emitter Projectile Fix by EssArrBee

This mod is now included in Yukichigai Unofficial Patch as of version 10.1

Version 1.0 - January 3, 2015

The Old World Blues Sonic Emitter had an issue with the meshes for its projectiles and one version, Robo-Scorpion, had 
incorrect speed for the projectile. The texture path for the meshes was assigned to base version of the Sonic Emitter,
so the color of the projectile did not match the version of the weapon. Also, the Robo-Scorpion version had the incorrect
projectile speed compared to every other version and it would look wrong when shot, especially in VATS.

This will probably be hard to spot in game, but the color of the projectile will match the weapon now if it is seen, and 
the speed of the Robo-Scorpion version projectile will noticeable.

I have had this for a while, but forgot about it, so I thought it time I upload it. In older versions of NVAC the nvac.log
would output errors in meshes, so I noticed the Sonic Emitter was listed and when I looked into the meshes I noticed the 
texture paths were wrong, so I corrected them. Without Queue's mod I would have never even known where to look, so thanks
for making and continuing to support NVAC.

Old World Blues

Extract files to Data folder. Installation with a mod manager is recommended.

Wrye Flash NV users can have the plugin merged to bashed patch.

I give permission to use this however you want, I do not even want credit.

EssArrBee - Dude who made this