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Brows is a lightweight Fallout Character Overhaul module that removes the painted on brows from the face diffuse texture and adds them to a mesh overlay, similar to brows in Skyrim. The benefits of this is you will notice brows look a lot more high resolution and you now also get to choose between 6 different brow styles for both Males & Females. You shouldn't notice any performance hit as I've compressed the brows as much as I could and done things like have one normal/specular map and hl map for all brow styles.

The way the brow selection menu has been implemented (thanks to Jazzisparis) is a menu that will show once you have exited the race menu, alternatively you can hold down right shift and right ctrl for a few seconds and the menu will pop-up.

Unfortunately to get all NPC's to use these brows it will mean going through them all and adding a brow style to them, so currently they are left with painted on brows. All NPC's having the brow styles will be in the next release of my mod that actually changes NPC's, Fallout Character Overhaul. If after installing your character still has two brows, it's because you need to change to one of my new vanilla races that don't have painted on brow textures. Simply open the console then type 'showracemenu' and pick your race again, obviously this resets all your facegen changes but it's that or stick with two eyebrow textures. 

Another thing I've noticed when using this with vanilla male characters is because of the crazy facegen changes on the presets it can make the brows look really big (as the brows will change to suit the face shape) unfortunately this can't be fixed without using a mod like FCO or playing around with your characters facegen and it should make the brows smaller when you re-equip them after choosing the brow style you want again.


Requires NVSE and UIO. Simply install with NMM or FOMM or preferably Mod Organizer (as it's awesome).


Compatible with Darnified UI for the menu. If you use a texture mod that has the brows painted onto the diffuse however it will show both brows (obviously).


All assets in this mod are free to use, with a credit and link back to the original mod, if you are using it for a follower mod and want a custom brow texture doing for your follower feel free to ask as they don't take long to do.
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