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Fixes the horribly unbalanced vanilla weapon reach for melee weapons.

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I've always refrained from playing as a melee character in Fallout as I always found it impossibly unpredictable. Lead pipes could hit enemies from 5 feet away while the two-handed baseball bat (more than twice the length of the pipe) could barely hit something right in front of me. A quick look into the GECK showed that for some reason the reach of the lead pipe was nearly double that of the baseball bat. This mod fixes the reach of all melee and unarmed weapons (as well as all unique variants) so that their reach corresponds with their actual size. Two-handed weapons now have a larger reach than 1-handed weapons, as would logically make sense. Shorter 1-handers (such as the light pipe and all knives) have a shorter reach than longer 1-handed weapons (such as the machete and police baton). For reference, here are the weapon reaches and their corresponding weapons.

Weapon Reaches
0.4- Straight Razor, Switchblade
0.5- Knife, Combat Knife, Cleaver, Lead Pipe, Unarmed Weapons
0.6- Hatchet, Ripper, Tire Iron
0.75- Machete, Police Baton, Rolling Pin, Chainsaw
1.0- Cattle Prod, Dress Cane, Shishkebab, Super Sledge
1.2- Baseball Bat, Nail Board, 9 Iron, Fireaxe, Pool Cue, Rebar Club, Thermic Lance
1.3- Bumber Sword

This mod should not have any bugs, but if you come across one please report it.

This mod will probably not be compatible with mods that edit the weapons above, but if you ask nicely I may be willing to make a patch. 

If you are using DUST (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57927/?), you do not need this mod, as these changes are already included in that mod.