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A double barreled fully automatic belt fed shotgun with a very realistic feel.

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Have you ever needed for things to die so badly they don't exist? Then this weapon is just for you! A double barreled belt fed fully automatic 12g shotgun. What's that? Seems a bit excessive? Nonsense! This is the weapon we've been needing for ages! Available at your local Gunrunners.

The weapon can be bought at the Gunrunner Stand, if you want the weapon for free just TLC through the kiosk. I've also added this to the Tier 4 leveled list, so it'll be a challenge to find, and a challenge to get. This weapon uses two shells per shot, just a warning. 

Weight: 17.5
Health: 1700 
Fire Rate: 3.4 (sort of slow)
Damage: 145 (divided among projectiles, a bit over the hunting shotgun times two for two shells)
Projectiles: 16 (hunting shotgun projectiles times two)
Range: A bit lower than the Hunting Shotgun (for balance)
Ammunition: 12g 

To install, just unzip the file and drop it into your Fallout folder. 

Videos-(1st one by Youdojo give you pretty preview of the gun. The second one is by Vaulthu and shows a bit of gameplay.)----

1. Just added a realistic belt script made by Hopper31. The script requires NVSE and should be used instead of the main file, should you download it.
2. Iron sights are now lined up correctly. Added a ejection port with a charging mechanism. The shell cases are now ejected in two, with the belts that
used to be on them.
3. Fixed the bug where shells would turn purple when you would reload, it can be found in the 1.2 version of the H.A.S. w/ the realistic belt.
4. Added a lower end/ old PC version of the mod. It has reduced amount of projectiles and spread, it also doesn't include the script for the belt either, it's as reduced lag as this weapon can get. 
5. Added a fix for the problem the HAS had with VATS, just download and replace the ESP.
1. Millenia Retexture Project does not work with this weapon.

Misc Info------------------------
First things first, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS WELCOME. If there is any problems with the weapon or the weapon is interfering with anything please let me know. I'd like to keep my weapons logical and balanced for players to enjoy during a legitimate playthrough, so if you have stat edit suggestions, I'm always open to suggestions!  Also if you have questions about the weapon, ask and I'll answer it to my best ability.