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Become The Road Warrior! This mod adds a new playable race and accompanying armor.

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For an updated version of this mod, please go here: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58717/?

Thanks for downloading the Mad Max Race by dragbody.

All credit for the model and textures belong to Nikita_NV who made the model for the game artisans challenge as seen here: Mad Max by Nikita_NV

To use the mod, select the "Mad Max" race from the race menu. I do not yet know how to make proper hair and eyes so these need to be equipped via your pipboy. It's not that big of a deal. Maybe with this mod, it will get the attention of someone who will show me the steps to make proper hair and eyes :)

Location: There is a new first aid kit directly to the right from where you start the game in Doc Mitchell's office. Pick up the armor, hair, and eyes there.

Body Types: This mod is Breeze by default, but included are textures that can be used for Vanilla or Roberts. You will just need to rename the files manually until I can set up individual installs.

Future plans: I want to include an Interceptor compatible with XRE cars at some point. We'll see how that goes. If this mod is a big success, I will make more celebrity races including Arnold's Terminator, I can make my Chakan mod a proper race, and more. Also, if there's a demand, I can make a new version of the Road Warrior armor like the one converted from FO3. I've improved the armor for my personal use but I can build the armor from vanilla parts, retexture, and release.

Installation: Standard drag and drop

Permissions - Ask me about any ideas you have for this mod. I didn't create the model and textures so it's not totally up to me. The creator did say it would be neat if someone made a William Wallace mod for Skyrim using the head mesh. I would like to see that too! Let me know if you can make it happen.

Now stop reading this and go play the game! Have fun!