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  1. KelKuZah
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    This fixed my double iris with FCO 2.3.1 and New Vegas Redesigned 4.6, Thank you a lot you are a god-sent!
  2. MartinEggman
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    I've come across a few NPC's so far from A World of Pain and NCR Troopers (I have NCR Trooper Overhaul - Distributed) whose eyes are fixed to the right with this mod enabled, I have the compatibility patches for both mods though I don't know If they're only for the FCO mod and not this one, The NPC's eyes go back to centre once I disable the mod on MO, but I do quite like these eyes.
  3. Genjikaz
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    If anyone is still getting double eyes even when the esp is at the bottom of the load order then you'll have to manually open up the mod with winrar/zip and copy the eye meshes (.nif, .egt, and .egm extensions) from "meshes\characters\drumber\eyes" to the vanilla directory in "data\meshes\characters\head", you'll probably have to overwrite. That solved it for me anyway; New Vegas Redsigned changes the races of a lot of npcs, so the npc weren't getting the correct path for the eyes.
    1. User_19680724
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      Cheers, 2 years and still good advice! Perfect if you just want the default eyes.
    2. VoivodaTerribile
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      Yaaay it works!!
    3. churibman
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      Thanks! It worked for me as well!
    4. sturmgewehr44
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      This mostly works - sort of.

      However, there are certain NPCs that still have the buggered double eye mesh (appears to be mostly/entirely African-American NPCs). I'm using NVR3 as well (Qwinn version). Also whatever dead NPCs that are modified by NVR3 and have the 'dead' eye textures will have eyes without any pupils.

      Is there any way to actually get this working with NVR3? Shame, because I prefer the FCO eyes to the ones from NVR3 (especially the raider eyes).
    5. megablackk1d
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      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    6. Homiecrips
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    7. swordsofhonor
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      Thanks man for finally helping me fix this what felt like a nigh unfixable issue. I have FCO 2.3.1 installed alongside this and the only meshes that gave me double iris were the male human children until I copied the left and right eye meshes for them from this mod into the vanilla folder. Thanks again!
    8. Rains0Fall
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      yeah this works almost just as @sturmgewehr44 mentionend some npcs still have greyed out eyes. has anyone found a fix to that?
    9. bootie4lunch
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      what does this even mean
  4. Quijibo
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    I was able to fix this (as far as I can tell) with some trial and error. The reason everyone was having double eyeballs was that Drumber probably meant to have a Drumber folder in the texture folders to avoid overwriting the base game eye textures with his very nice ones which do not work on the base game meshes - hence the double eyes when drumber textures were applied to base game meshes.

    To fix it, I changed the file hierarchy like this: FCO - Eyes (top level) -> textures -> characters -> CREATE a folder name drumber here -> eyes -> all the .dds files

    Then, open FNVEdit (I do so through MOD Organizer as described on the great http://wiki.step-project.com/User:Essarrbee/FalloutNewVegas page) I then apply the Filter for Cleaning so I can see where the mod differs from the base game file.

    Where the Eyes line differs (it's yellow) I then changed the ICON - Texture record to point the the larger textures in the new texture hierarchy (Characters\drumber\Eyes\eyeGreen.dds instead of the basegame using Characters\Eyes\eyeGreen.dds) in the FCO - Eyes mod. Do this for each of the eye colour that differs between the falloutnv.esm and the fco - eye.esm.

    I got fancy and added each of the races from the base game to the fco - eye mod as well and set all of their eye meshes and textures to use drumber's ones.

    I then made sure it did not conflict with anything else in the slew of mods I use or the base game or DLCs and pronounced it clean.

    If Drumber is still active just let me know and I can send the fixed (and expanded to all the base races in the game) mod to him to put up. It's still 100% Drumber's work, I just fixed it so it wouldn't overwrite the base game eye textures where we didn't want it to, resulting in double eyes. I also added more races so the mod will apply to all human races of all ages.

    Beautiful work, Drumber, I hope my edits and additions let more people enjoy it!

    PS Works just fine as a standalone and runs great through mod organizer so it doesn't overwrite my base game files. Not a big fan of the FCO faces, I just wanted the eyeballs to look better!
    1. minieyke
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      Is anybody gonna give this guy permission to upload his fixed version?

      Thanks for the work by the way, even if we don't get to use it.
    2. CloudLambda
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      I'm generally having trouble trying to follow this without the double pupils still showing up at the end of it. I'm using MO and can easily manipulate the files into the new directory format @Quijibo here describes - (Characters\drumber\Eyes\eyeGreen.dds). I follow up to this point and open FNVEdit to where I'm supposed to see the Eyes section filtered with a yellow line once applying a filter for cleaning.

      I then apply the filter for cleaning but no matter what there is no yellow line through the "Eyes" section, which is telling me that there's no conflict of any kind (Yes the FCO - Eyes.esp is at the very bottom below Bashed Patch). Upon exploring the FCO - Eyes.esp I can not for the life of me figure out this part as it just gives me a list of FormIDs and EditorIDs for all of the different eyes the mod adds in. On the right side of the interface the conventional method of editing a record is non-existent as there's no comparison with falloutnv.esm. This is basically where I get lost, not to mention that the "Eyes line" is completely white for me.

      I'm running FCO 3.0 and the necessary patches it comes with (Beyond Boulder Dome etc). Practically nearly every NPC especially ones from mods have been fixed from their eyes looking to the right thanks to this mod, however it seems to give every child NPC the unearthly demon lizard double pupil eyes.

      If anybody has had any sort of luck with fixing the child NPCs eyes from their demonic state please do point us in the right way!

      I've already used the HighRes eye textures and they don't really do anything since the FCO.esm points all eye textures down a different file path. I've also tried looking for this 'child eye fix' to no avail that is apparently used for TTW. I've search high and low on Google and it seems pretty hit and miss, so I'm wondering if anyone can help with some editing in FNVEdit?

      I'm sure it would help out others experiencing this problem too!

      EDIT: May I also add that certain NPCs like Ghouls also suffer from their eyes looking washed out like a milky white. I believe this may be connected to the eye mesh not fitting the face issue and may help toward finding the problem...
  5. crypticsaturn
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    Why does this mod cause Delilah and Niner's eyes to be double irised
  6. maxman885
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    I love the stubble in the first pictures face, is that part of fco or standalone?
  7. limlight
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    After I de-activated, and re-activated FCO in FOMM the issue sorted itself out. I have FCO esm after Vegas Redesigned, and the FCO esps at the bottom of my load order. All the double eyed snake people are gone, woohoo!!!
    1. JohnRabble
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      You should post by saying what your problem was and then say how you solved it, not the other way around.
  8. LeChienMuet
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    The textures that have worked for me are beautiful, but had the same problems as others with either the double iris issue or missing pupils.

    Did some back and forth with FOMM, found that the double iris issue was present with version 1.01 and possibly isolated to ghouls and addicts with bloodshot eyes, but the issue was not present in 1.00.

    Gets weirder with missing pupils, and the few NPCs I've noticed so far might only be a small sample of the issue. With .00, Gloria Van Graff, Papa Khan, Regis, and Jack (Khan) were all missing their pupils and had milky blue irises. With .01, only Gloria and Jack were missing their pupils. Papa and Regis had pupils but seemed to have vanilla textures. I could be wrong, but I think all of those characters have brown eyes normally.

    Don't know if those observations will be of any help, but I don't use any other character texture mods that might conflict, and the esp is at the bottom of my load order anyway. I'd really like to see this mod work in all its glory.
  9. hlofrk
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    I've learned through a helluva lot of experimentation that FCO's eye textures/meshes directly clash with Ling's. Any FCO eye will have the double iris as long as Ling's is active, regardless of load order. HOWEVER!!!... I have finally found a way to have both work seamlessly together: FNV Edit. Replace all of FCO's eye meshes/textures with Ling's, and make Ling's a Master to FCO. With this exchange, every single character (Modded and DLC included) will have Ling's style eyes, yet will retain their facial FCO edits. ... Seriously... this took me months of messing around to figure out. Now Willow, AB Cass/Veronica, Sunny, Hope, Andrea, Melissa, Joanna and Delilah have beautiful eyes to match their already killer looks.
  10. Namea
    • member
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    Perhaps this is a dumb question but I have FCO installed along with this and my characters still don't look nearly as good as your images. My computer is more than capable of handling the game on ultra high settings so that's what they're set on. In my game characters look good and all but not as good as they do in yours. How do you do it? Is it your ENB?