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This mod adds two weapons, an M60 and a modified unique variant, to the Mojave.

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Attention All: Thanks to the brilliant Hopper31, I have uploaded under the optional files tab new meshes and replacement plugins that offer a basic animation of the ammo belt!  Requires NVSE and all of the original files.

Boneyard prospectors under the employ of Gun Runners weapons manufacturing have discovered a brand new schematic describing in great detail how to construct a classic pre-war weapon: the M60 light machine gun.  Wasting no time in getting the schematic to the assembly line, Gun Runners has been cranking them out to keep up with a new NCR government contract, sending tons of these weapons out to elite troops on the front lines deep in the Mojave desert.

--The Gun Runners M60 - A True Wasteland LMG--


This mod adds two weapons to the Mojave Wasteland, an M60 light machine gun and a modified unique variant, with two modifications; an extendable bipod and upgraded internals, moving parts, custom sounds, and high-definition textures.  I made this mod as lore-friendly as possible, adding a small back-story (see above), having the metal show a considerable amount of wear, and manufacturing engravings displayed on the side of the weapon.

-Chambered to fire 5.56mm (yes I know the real M60 fires 7.62, but in New Vegas 5.56 is much easier for the player to acquire)
-Stats similar but a little bit better than that of the vanilla LMG
-Sold at Gun Runners along with both modifications
-Can be found on NCR Heavy troopers, on NCR assault troops at the final Battle of Hoover Dam, and other appropriate leveled lists
-Bipod model features a modified collision box, allowing it to be stood up on its bipod for easy display
-Newly manufactured in New Adytum, California
-Requires Strength 9 to use effectively

Unique Variant - "The Pig"
-Fires .308 ammo (accurate to the real weapon)
-Stats similar to that of the Automatic Rifle from the Dead Money DLC
-A relic from pre-war years, the Pig features a shorter barrel (and hence less weight), wooden parts (matching the M60 from Fallout 2), and a unique inscription/image to give it some character
-When you first find it it will be completely broken and will require some repairing
-Can be found in The Prospector's Den, in the very last room on top of a reloading bench.  Unable to repair such an antiquated weapon, the prospectors plans to pawn it at Miguel's Pawn Shop were cut short when members of the Jackal gang ransacked their hideout.  Luckily the Jackals are way too hopped up on meds to do anything productive with the old weapon, leaving it just waiting to fall into your hands.

==Video Review by MCDOfficial==


M60 - Main file download

Ammo Belt Animations - Contains modified meshes and plugins with scripts by the brilliant Hopper 31.  Basic animation of the ammo belt that I think is absolutely amazing.  Requires NVSE and all of the main files.  Overwrite when prompted.


Save for the optional belt/NVSE, no other mods are required, however I recommend using Pelinor's Weapon Mod Menu to easily extend and fold the bipod.

==Known Issues==

-Some clipping that I consider very minor and will not address

Before posting in the comments, consider the #1 unwritten rule of the Nexus: beggars can't be choosers.

I don't take requests.


All models and textures contained in this download were created by me.  If you want to use them in anything you plan on putting out in the future, contact me first and be sure to mention me in the credits.


Hopper 31 for his incredible scripting abilities
Random internet person - The Gun Runners logo
Other random internet person - The Pig logo