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This mod adds a Sig550 automatic rifle to the game. It has three mods: ACOG scope, silencer, and extended mag.

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Thanks for downloading, enjoy and pardon my bad English, it's not my first language. Always happy to arm the wasteland and endorsements appreciated, keeps 'n guy motivated.


This mod adds a Sig550 automatic rifle to the game. It has three mods: ACOG scope, silencer, and extended mag.
Comes with vendor and leveled list integration as well as custom sound. The rifle is made as a high-end or late-game weapon and you will find the weapon on enemies and vendors at level 10+ only.

If you can't wait to find the weapon or just want to test it, you can find one in Goodsprings at doc mitchel's house next to the vito-matic machine. I know its getting old to leave just leave weapons in his house, but it is the most accessible place to test the mod right from the start if it bothers you just leave it.


-4096x4095 or 2048x2048 textures
-Three mods: ACOG scope, silencer and extended mag
-New sound fx
-New pipboy icons
-Leveled and vendor list integration
-Scratch made models and textures


***Known issues***

You should have the latest version of fallout new vegas or the mod won't work. If you have the ultimate edition it will work fine.
There is one error on the textures on the model at the rear sight that shows up black, apologies I tried to figure out what's causing it(Not the uv's, or textures and model seems fine in nifscope), and also the suppressor sound fx could have been better, but they are not too bad. 

The sights are not adjusted for heffy's animations, if you are using ak's and ar mod pack the sights may not be adjusted.


This mod should not conflict with any other mod.
PM me on nexus if you find any bugs or problems.


Copy and extract the archive to your data folder and check the esp.

***Programs used:***

3ds max 2012
Photoshop CS5
Nvidia filter plugin for photoshop
G.E.C.K. for New Vegas


Please first ask for permission and I will try to respond ASAP.


Bethesda for publishing the game
Obsidian for developing the game
Millenia for his excellent tutorials and environment map
Creators of Nifskope
Nexus site and community for help and support
Ph4nt0m133 for beta testing