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Adds a Husky follower to the game.

Permissions and credits
What this mod does:
This mod adds a Husky to the front of the Lucky 38. You don't have to go there though, since he will find you on his own.

What that thing is:
It's a husky that I made using the husky resource by jackalx137 (Link in the credits).

The stats and other stuff:
There are multiple versions of the mod, each with another name.
The Husky is essential, so he can't die.
The Husky starts at level 2, but will level up together with the player.
The Husky can't open doors.

Fallout New Vegas

How to install it:

To install, just download a name and a texture. Install the name first and overwrite the files with the texture. (Thanks to jackalx137 for the
new textures)


jackalx137 for the Husky resource:

Me for creating the mod:

The creators of Fallout New Vegas and the GECK for creating Fallout New Vegas and the GECK:


What jackalx137 says:
"anyone can edit or use it for w/e.
alittle credit is nice."

What I say:
If you want to use anything I created, just give me a link to the video/file and credit me.