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Ever wanted to become a bank robber, contract killer and all around criminal degenerate? Well now you can. This mod adds multiple heists including robbing armored caravans and banks. It also includes a back story and new town complete with vendors. Its time to grab your gear, mask up and make some money.

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Recent criminal activity in the Mojave has been ramping up and a new group of gangsters have come to call it home. The Blackrow gang run by the ruthless Walter Sharp have set up base here in New Vegas. Will you side with the new group and make a fortune off the hardwork of others, or put a stop to this organization before it begins. Its your choice, but in this world, crime does pay!

It is located north of H&H tools factory and close to North Vegas Square. 

What's Included
This mod adds a town with a new faction, The Blackrow Gang. It adds multiple quests that include robbing banks, armored caravans and contract killings. The entire mod is companion friendly so you can rob banks with your own followers. If you want to make some fast cash by taking it with force, this mod is for you! This mod will NOT result in negative reputation with any base game factions.

The Quests

Taking care of business

-Given by Mr. Sharp
-Includes 3 contract killings 
-All pay caps upon completion

The Caravan Heist

-Given by Freddy upon completion of Taking Care of Business
-Involves robbing a caravan carrying caps
-Pays caps upon completion

The North Vegas Bank Heist

-Given by Freddy upon completion of The caravan heist
-Involves robbing a small bank
-Pays caps upon completion

Stay Out of My Territory

-Given by Mr. Sharp upon completion of The North Vegas Bank Heist
-Involves robbing an armored caravan owned by a rival gang
-Pays caps upon completion

New Vegas Belongs To Me!

Given by Mr. Sharp upon completion of Stay Out of My Territory!
-Involves killing a rival gang leader

The Big Score!

-Given by the strange man upon completion of New Vegas Belongs To Me!
-Involves robbing a large bank
-Pays a HUGE amount of caps

-Dead Money DLC
-Honest Hearts DLC

FNV 4GB Launcher
Casino Heist Gear

-Drag and drop the Blackrow.esp into your Fallout New Vegas data folder.

Thanks to Obsidian and Bethesda for an awesome game!