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Add a modified railway rifle Locomotive
Ver. 3.0

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This modification add a new railway rifle, significantly modified by "Tesla" coil and optical-electronic scope with NV.

In result we have a new middle-range powerful weapon:

  • Increased max weapon range
  • Increased projectile speed and kinetic force
  • Modified by middle-range scope and Night Vision
  • Easy craftable ammo
  • Increased min Strength rec. to 7
  • Increased weapon weigh to 12
  • You can craft only ONE unit of this rifle

To obtain this weapon look for its schematic in one of he Hidden Valley Bunker!!!  When you have purchased a "Tesla" coil from Old lady Gibson you will be able to craft Locomotive on workbench.
Ammo - spikes is craftable on the workbench too.


Version 3.0

This version fully re-balance the rifle. Now it's have 3 fire modes. Modes is switchable in any time by pressing key '2' (as an ammo switch in default game)
(There are a little bug with switching fire modes. You need to hold the button until weapon switch. After switching, you need to wait some seconds for the next switch. Just hold this key =) )

1st Mode - Power at 75 %:
Regular Locomotive rifle with ability to knock down the target.
2nd Mode - Power at 100 %: 1 st mode + Spike have an static elecricity effect that increase damage. In this mode rifle condition will go down much faster.
3rd Mode - Power at OVERLOADING: 1st + 2nd + Now the spike have an exploding ability that can hit several targets. Condition will go down extremely fast.

2nd and 3rd mode have n ability to make an electromagnetic pulse by hitting robots.

Thank you MCDofficial for showcase video ^.^


For those people who use my another mod Novac Apartment this weapon can be mounted on the shelf in armory room above the reloading bench.


Tips, how to remove white borders on the scope in game. Open folder "My Documents" and find there Fallout folder (Before doing anything ALWAYS make a BACKUP files). Find there and open (with notepad) fallout.ini. In the bottom of category [display] add new line fscopeScissorAmount=0. Save file and close it.


Last version of Fallout NV, las ver. NVSE and all official DLCs (I will try later to remove unnecessary DLC)


Place all files from .rar to the Fallout New Vegas data folder.
Do not forget turn on Archive Invalidation and check-box in launcher.


Remove NV SuperRailRifle.esp from data folder.


Thank you to Bethesda and Obsidian for wonderful game.
And special thanks to NexusMods site.