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[left][/left]First of all, this mod is my first mod and it's a test version. Because of that, please post bugs if you find any.
I will work on them, if I have the time. A full mod will be created for Fallout 4, when it comes out.


Version 1.2 available!

- new vehicles!
- Removed the random reward system
- Vehicles can now be purchased via caps at the Armory of the Nellis Air Force Base
- Added remote controlled Bradley Hercules Satellite (Fallout 3: Broken Steel)
- Added remote controlled Satcom-Missile
- Archimedes II can now be used without any quest conditions


This mod allows you to buy Air-Support at the armory of the Nellis Air Force Base. There will be a terminal next to the shop, where you can purchase the vehicles for caps. The item will be stored in your PipBoy and is ready to call in your vehicle. The location, where your vehicle will spawn, depends on the direction the player is facing, if the vehicle is controllable.


This mod needs the latest version of the New Vegas Script Extender.
Please download it from http://nvse.silverlock.org/
No DLC is required.


Just copy the Combat Training Engine.esp and the meshes, textures and Sound folders to your Fallout New Vegas
Data folder in C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Fallout New Vegas\Data\After that activate the Fallout Mod Manager or the normal Launcher and mark the Combat Training Engine checkbox.
Have Fun and enjoy :)

Known Bugs:

- Thermal Screens seems to have problems with enb or weather mods.
- please disable all kill-cam modes. Otherwise the player will not be biped correctly to the vehicle.
- For now it's not compatible with any gamepads.
- don't use other ingestibles or items, while using CTE-Rewards.


  • Remote controlled circling AC-130 Gunship ( currently b29 model )
  • Remote controlled Archimedes Satellite and Bradley Hercules Satellite
  • Remote controlled Satcom-Missile
  • Integrated HUD for each vehicle
  • Thermal and Flir Screens
  • Lock-On system for objects. ( currently used for Archimedes )


A remote controlled gunship that circles around the area the player is facing. You can use it's 105mm howitzer,the 40mm bofors and the 25mm gatling to fire on enemy targets.


Mouse - Look around
Left Mouse Button - Fire Weapon
Space - Toggle Weapon
T - Toggle Thermal/Flir
E - Leave vehicle

Archimedes II:
A remote controlled satellite that you can move above the player. Fire three different types of lasers. The 
last laser requires a Lock-On and will point automatically at the target.

W, A, S, D - Move the Satellite
Left Mouse Button - Fire Weapon
Space - Toggle Weapon
T - Toggle Thermal/Flir
E - Leave vehicle


You are not allowed to copy, redistribute, work on, change elements of this mod, use content of this mod in your mod 
or make money with it without my permission. 

Work in Progress:

- this is a beta or test version. I'm working hard to find and remove bugs.
- working on AC-130 uv texturing ( model finished )
- maybe updates to the HUD
- I'm thinking of making a fighter jet to the game
- The original idea of my mod was to create the Combat Training to play against bots in various game modes. I want to implement this feature in Fallout 4, when it comes out. As long it is in Fallout New Vegas this mod will be only a beta.

Help needed:

Help is always welcome and I can help you to ( mostly in scripting ). I want to learn modeling and texturing right now. 
I really need help with new sound files from sound artists and also texture artists would be nice. So I'm asking you to help me if you have time.


Thanks to http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ for giving me some awesome sound effects.
Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment for making the wonderful game Fallout New Vegas.