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Displays info about your current target. All NPC's/Creatures ect..

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Neotropic's Target Info HUD
This was a quick mod. It can only show targets 28yrds or less away.
Or may vary depending on the player.

[Computer did not like this, so is laggy]

This is a small mod that shows you the following information about your current target.
1. Target's Name (Level)
2. Target's Current Equipped Weapon.
3. Target's Distance (Yards/Feet)
4. Target's Current Hitpoint's
5. Target's Damage Threshold.

The HUD will turn red if you have an enemy targeted.
Since targets change very quickly and can often disappear fast because you have no target, there is a cool down to keep the HUD showing for a bit after passing by a target. Or until a new target is moused over.

Easy Install.
Download and install.

!! uHUD Users !!

This has not been added to uHUD, but does install fine if you do it right.
1. Install this AFTER installing uHUD.
2. Remove FIRST before uninstalling uHUD.

In case it gives your problems.
Remove files from fomod, copy the following files into your data directory:

Add the following line to menus/prefabs/includes_HUDMainMenu.xml
<include src="Neotropic/Neotropic_TargetHUD.xml" />

DarnUI is suggested.

It is Moveable and Adjustable.
XML File has options to flip around from:

Upon first installing, you will be prompted to set up a HotKey to open the menu options.
So no default key is set, you have to choose one. The options allow you to:
1. Move the entire hud
2. Adjust the Gap between the HUD (Top Bottom)
3. Adjust the Spacing between the HUD (LABEL:[SPACE]VALUE)


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