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In a lonely place, away from civilization in the Spring Mt Ranch State Park, a home to live in this harsh natural environment

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The Lake House


This is my personal home and I wanted to share with users of Nexus, after searching for a suitable place for my house I found this natural landscape which is completely empty when we got to the area, my mod modifies some plots in the area, respecting whole buildings and elements of the original model.

In this lonely place, away from civilization in the Spring Mt Ranch State Park is a location in the Mojave Wasteland located between the Tribal village and Red Rock Canyon., a home to live in this barren arid, all areas are created from scratch, along with their Navmeshes so that we can be accompanied by our followers all times.

All areas of the Mod contain safe containers to store our belongings, as well as other advantages and elements secrets that will give us for our adventure.


To begin the adventure, we first need to find the key of it, start looking for a letter written by the former owners that will tell us where to find the key to the house.
Once we have the key in our hands, the house will be yours, but your search not end here.
If we want to access the bunker outside access, we have to find the key hidden inside the house, once you have found the key, the Bunker can access whenever we want.
The lake house is divided into three different areas of outdoor access, every stay will find everything needed for our adventure.

The Lake Grotto

Located near the lake house, the cave contains hidden secrets as well as different types of enemies that try to stop us.
The cave has an inland lake pure and clear waters where we resfrescarnos without fear of radiation.
Also find the essential elements for our stay..

The Lake House

On the outside of the house, we found a variety of plants, water and various decorative elements, behind the house have access to the lake by a bridge, which allows us to see enemies in the area without any contact with them or the radioactive water from the lake.

The house is divided into two areas, ground and basement united in one inside, so we will not have time charges.

the plant contains the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc ... everything allows us to have a great.

the basement beneath the house and direct access via a staircase hall, we find in the work area, bedrooms, living room, bar and games area, we can use the machines if necessary have them running chips.

two areas in secure containers and find multiple items, workbenches, reloading and secret items.

Bunker Lake House

Built under the house and outside access, the bunker is designed in three different areas.

To access the Bunker, you have find your key, which is hidden inside the house, luck in your search.

The bunker contains lots of lockers for weapons and armor to take them all in a safe and tidy.

In the central hall we also furniture for relaxation and recharging banks and work, communicated with this room find two side aisles to take us two small rooms to form safes Respawn where you will find special containers, as well as lots of weapons.


In the different areas we can find special containers, called Respawns, there are three different types, weapons, ammunition and first aid, these containers will create new elements by type every so often, so it is not advisable to use them to leave our belongings,

To our belongings you have more secure containers, these containers have special names for all weapons and armor and so get them all sorted into their respective cabinets and lockers.



Avaiable: English


You only need Fallout New Vegas
No need any other mod, and none of the DCL.
It is also recommended to have New Vegas latest update.


Option 1. Use NMM (recommended).
Option 2. Simply extract the file with Winrar or 7zip.
The mod data folder contains one esp. Install the file manually into the Fallout New Vegas data folder.


Deactivate the esp file in the mod manager of your choice (default New Vegas director, NMM, etc.)
Delete the esp file in the data folder of your Fallout New Vegas.


Only mods may not be compatible with buildings that occupy the same field in Fallout New Vegas.


Ask before using any of the resources from The Lake House, and don't upload at anywhere else without permission.
Please refrain from distributing an unmodified version of this mod without my written permission.
Contact me for permission on subjects not covered by these aforementioned terms.


For more information, followed in this Web:
ObliSan Team Forum
ObliSan Team Blog
ObliSan Team Web
Thank the members of the team, without whose help and support this project would not be possible.