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This plugin alters 4 alcoholic beverages to decrease your radiation level.

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I had played Fallout New Vegas from start to finish around six times. Then I played a bit of STALKER: Shadow of 
Chernobyl and noticed that they use Vodka to decrease their radiation levels. I didn't give it a lot of thought 
until I started to watch Gopher's STALKER Lets Play series. I did some research and found out that in reality 
vodka and red wine indeed help with radiation, but they boost resistance instead of flushing it out of your 
system. Now, in FNV there are numerous ways to boost your resistance, whereas decreasing your RADs is mainly 
done by RadAway and doctors. This is the reason why I chose to stick with the radiation decreasing effect.
I would also point out that there is no solid evidence if this effect is ACTUALLY real. Internet is filled with 
sixty billion different opinions and quite frankly... There has been no extensive research on that field. (As 
far as we know) So let us just pretend!

What it does:
This plugin alters 4 alcoholic beverages to decrease your radiation level. The beverages are:

  • Vodka (-20 RADs)
  • Wine (-20 RADs)
  • Absinthe (-20 RADs)
  • Moonshine (-10 RADs)

In comparison, RadAway decreases your RADs by 50, which makes it a better alternative no matter what. Alcohol 
is there only for emergency situations when you run out of RadAway but have some booze around. (You also risk 
alcohol addiction) 
If you play in hardcore mode, the effect has a duration of 10 seconds. (Magnitude of 2 for 10 seconds = 20)
If you play with hardcore mode off, the effect is instant. 

What do I need?
You need to have my plugin file in your Data folder and have it activated.
There are two versions of this tweak. One for those who do not have Dead Money DLC and one for those who do.

Why these beverages? Why not whiskey? Where is my scotch!?
All the strange and dodgy articles I dug through (not a whole lot) were talking about vodka and red wine. It is 
not alcohol itself that boosts radiation resistance, but certain isotopes that are found only in vodka and red 
wine. This is the reason I left out whiskey, scotch and beer. As for moonshine and absinthe... That is my 
artistic liberty. I just felt that they are similar to vodka and should have the same effect. (Moonshine's 
effect is smaller for obvious reasons... it's homemade shite vodka, guys.)
As far as vodka cocktails are concerned, they are untouched. Purely because of the crap that is put into them.

What next?
I do not know. This is my first tweak ever.(I don't even want to call this a mod) I have a few ideas but I am 
quick to throw them to the garbage and do something useless.

I would like to credit TehFragPenguin for his mod "STALKER Vodka" that inspired me to make this and MannySauce for pointing out a flaw in his mod.
I also want to credit Gopher for his LP series that made me play FNV again. (And for making me google "vodka radiation")

If you feel like endorsing, please do.
If you feel like sending a mail, please do.
Have fun and stay safe!