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A blend of the all too common tactical overkill armor mods designed to work and look terrific with vanilla outfits, while also not losing the apocalyptic/western feel of New Vegas as it was meant to be.

Permissions and credits
[I highly encourage users to upload screenshots of their favorite armor combinations to this file, just so everyone can see what armors pair well together!]

Ever thought to yourself that the existing Fallout tactical mods are too flashy?  Not wasteland-y enough?  Do you often try to get a rugged look going, but end up looking like a Kim Possible covered in bright 21st century woodland camouflage?  Well look no further, Wasteland Warfighter is the mod for you.

==Wasteland Warfighter - A Mojave Mercenary's Armory==

Wasteland Warfighter was designed to be a medium that could blend together tactical outfit mods with the vanilla outfits in a way that can give the player a chance to look more like a wasteland Blackwater contractor rather than an army guy.  I was always under the impression that the existing tactical mods don't look very good when pieced together with the vanilla outfits.  This mod also contains a few models that I created from scratch:

1:  A MICH Combat Helmet (In black, khaki, coyote brown, olive drab, and gray) - The Nexus is really lacking when it comes to its helmet game, so I thought I would give making my own helmet a shot.  The MICH is a plain kevlar helmet that was used extensively throughout the world's special forces up until a couple of years ago and is commonly associated with private military contractors.

2:  Some Oakley M-Frame sunglasses - They pair well with the MICH, as well as vanilla headgear.

3:  A radio headset - A plain radio headset that I believe could definitely exist in the Fallout universe.  How else are you gonna call reinforcements to your side when you get ambushed by a squad of Legion assassins?  Give some headsets to your companions and you'll look cool as hell.  The headset takes up the headband slot, so you might have to go into the GECK and modify some of the vanilla headgear so you can use it with whatever you want.

It also contains, kneepads, holsters, tactical vests, plate carriers, and chest rigs in the colors black, khaki, coyote brown, olive drab, and gray each with their own effects that will benefit you in realistic ways.

Video Spotlight by MCDofficial


The entire collection can be found in a large trunk in the second room on the second floor of the El Rey Motel (just west of the Camp McCarran gate).  The entire stash used to be in the possession of a prominent mercenary, but as soon as you enter the room you'll see why that won't be a problem any more.

==Known Issues to be Included in Future Updates==

-At this time there are no female versions of the armor.  This is top on my list of fixes that are on-deck.
-Levelled list integration


Wasteland Warfighter is not really compatible with anything that modifies the El Rey Motel interiors.  However, as of the 1.1 patch, there is a compatibility .esp that should be compatible with anything, but loses backstory of the mod.


This mod does not require any another files to function, but if you want your pistol to appear to be in the holsters, you're gonna need Weapon Animation Replacers.


Copy and paste the contents of the folder into your Fallout New Vegas\Data folder.  Or use FOMM.


Version 1.1
-Updated glasses textures to be much more realistic, see-through, etc.
-Updated headset model to be less glossy, look more realistic.  Also made the ear parts of the headset a more realistic and better looking size.
-Added a compatibility plugin that places the chest outside the door of the motel room.
-Fixed the bug where companions equipping some of the equipment would modify their voice.


Antistar - for the vest and kneepad models from his Dragonskin Tactical Outfit mod (terrific mod, I highly recommend it)

Alexscorpion - for the holster and tactical bib models.


The models/textures of the MICH/Oakleys/headset are intended to be entirely modders' resources.  You have my permission to use them in your own mods.

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