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V1.1 Update

Tweeked some textures and nif's
Added more recipes
Corrected errors in notes
Added NPC Merchant to shack and another room
All places are navmeshed
Manualy cleaned with the G.E.C.K and then with FNVEdit

Updating I go to Jean Sky Diving Shack (as its a empty interior) save, exit, replace old with new Files, Load, save, and then load the save again and play. But thats up to you, do it your way.

This is my first released mod, I made it because my character was always out of cases to make bullets they needed but had loads of brass for making bullet's they didn't use. So I made a small forge to smelt down unwanted cases into Ingots and then back to the brass case's you want.

There are several recipes in the engine for other bits and bobs. I am releasing the mod because friends have asked me to.

The forge is in Goodsprings near the work bench's. There are 3 other forge's about, I also added a mine for ore and a over turned truck with supply's, Utilise the forge by having tools on you like a hammer or a mould

Requirements:Fallout New Vegas

Right spoiler stuff:

Forges Goodsprings next to the saloon, Freeside close to strip entrance, Bolder city near the train station And Novac Garage.
Tools needed depending what you are making:

Hammer, Paintgun, Combat knife, Rolling pin, Shot glass, Wonder glue, Wrench, Metal Rod And Moulds (one for each ammo type, Brass ingot).
Polymer kit which allows you to make a plastic sheet from Fat or Fuel Required for 12 and 20 gauge. (Gecko Fat added to leveled list).
Bakers Kit allows the cooking of food
Surgical Kit and outfit allows creation of surgical and aid
Weapons Kit ?

The mine is west of the last house north in Goodsprings. To mine the ore you will need to have the pickaxe on you found by the forge (The ore should respawn).

Recipe 10 tin cans to 1 metal ingot / tool Mould.
Recipe Metal ingot to Metal Sheet / tool Hammer
Recipe two plungers to rubber seal / tool Combat knife.
Recipe combine metal sheet and rubber seal to make 2 lunch boxes / tool Hammer and Paintgun Combat Knife.

Recipe 30 cases any type to brass ingot / tool Ingot Mould.
Recipe brass ingot to 24 cases / tool Mould of the case you require.