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Nestled on the side of Fortification Hill, at Castle Cove, sits a small player home with Pre-War aesthetics.

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NOTE: REQUIRES SPEEDY RESOURCES!!! http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39551/?
This mod will not affect your game or do anything to impact your play. It simply adds ALOT of the meshes and textures that Castle Cove uses to look unique. This mod also uses other resources from other modders, however these ones are packaged with the download.

NOTE: If you have been experiencing crashes when starting up your game with this mod installed, it is likely that you do not have the GOTY edition of the game that was used when creating this mod. jonas66 has kindly created an esp that you can use to overwrite the main file that should fix this issue. Be aware that this will remove the requirements of having the smaller DLC such as Courier's Stash and not the larger ones like Old World Blues. To receive this .esp check the comments to this mod for the link. Thank you again to jonas66.

V0.5 - BETA Release
V1.0 - Full Release
V2.0 - The Aesthetics Update - Greatly Improves the outdoor areas, fixes water rads, Slightly improves dining room and other various changes.

The problem with living up in the Lucky 38? You get a great view of a huge expanse of nothing... How do we fix this? We live somewhere else.

Nestled on the side of Fortification Hill, at Castle Cove, sits a small player home with Pre-War aesthetics. Constructed by Makaro Architecture AFTER the war, this home has never seen the horrors of a nuclear war and is therefore an oasis of sorts. This player home is quite unique, as it uses resources that (in my opinion) are far too underused.

The main appeal of this house though is that it is fully seamless and open. No loading screens at all... just open the door and walk on in! You see this kind of thing quite a lot with Skyrim, but not so much with New Vegas.

-A lounge area with a fireplace, a computer and one hell of a view.
-A dining/kitchen area complete with cooking amenities.
-A modest bedroom with a view of the backyard.
-A backyard...
-A separate workshop building
-A view of the Lucky 38, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and HELIOS One (just :) )
-Completely seamless entry. No loading screens!

The whole house has interactive lighting, meaning you can turn the lights on and off. Please keep in mind that the lights are turned ON by default and may be a little blinding if you arrive during the day. Simply switch them off during the day.

The house is located on the side of Fortification Hill (don't worry, the Legion won't bother you)
You can gain access by heading to the Boulder Beach Campground and heading down the hill to the docks. A boat will be waiting for you.
See pictures for more help

-SpeedyB58 - For the incredibly helpful resources
-Brisea - For the Foggy Mirror Resource
-lordinquisitor - For the Marble Chessboard Resource
-odin-ml - for the Animated Light Switches
-jonas66 - for the much needed cleaned esp.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please leave them as a comment or PM me. I will do my best to address each and every one of them.

If you wish to edit this mod and upload it then you have my permission HOWEVER, this mod contains resources that are NOT MINE. Therefore if you really wish do something with this, not only must you credit me, but also the authors listed above.

Thank You