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DSoG_Sergeon - Antistar - SMB92 - lKocMoHaBTl

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Recipes For Weapons Mods for use with latest version of WMX and Project Nevada.

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Recipes For Weapon Mods - Realistic for use with latest version of WMX (v1.1.3) and Project Nevada (v2.5)
It's Updated enhanced version of my previous edition.

Originall mod made by DSoG_Sergeon(Recipes for Weapon Mods)
Merged version by SMB92 (Weapon Mod Recipes Ultimate Edition - With WMXUE Version
WMXUE Edition (OUTDATED and NOT SUPPORTED) By Antistar (Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX)

Please Go To Their pages for additional information.


All kudoses go to authors of mods above.I've only injected neat additions: 

1) All MOD Recipes Will appear only and ONLY if you have weapons in your inventory .So even if you have all tools and no weapons in your pip-boy tablet, recipes will not appear. And because of that, workbench will react quicker and faster with no lags in opening.

2) All GRA TO VANILLA AND VANILLA TO GRA mods From WMX are in separate category And All melee mods are together with gun mods. For convinient purposes.

3) All Versions have very immersive PERK and boosted skill Requirements on all recipes.

4) For those who plays with Project Nevada, i made all weapon mods from it to be craftable too.


Fully Compatible With the Latest version of WMX (v1.1.3) and Project Nevada (v2.5)
You don't need files from DSoG_Sergeons Mod nor SMB92 merged version. Just Use My Files instead.


None. Works Flawlessly. But If you find something fishy, please let me know.

There are 2 versions of Plugin:

Standard Game + ALL DLC
Standard Game + ALL DLC + Project Nevada

All Versions without COURIER STASH - it's very useless addon so i will not support it.

1) For version Standard Game + ALL DLC

You Need WMX mod installed, including WMX-DLCMerged.esp

2) For version Standard Game + ALL DLC + Project Nevada

You Need WMX mod installed, WMX-DLCMerged.esp, including Project Nevada - WMX.esp from PN Compatibility Patches. And Project Nevada Equipment Module should be active. And That's All.

Put WMR - WMX Edition.esp below all WMX esps.