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Venture through Vault 66 and discover a new friend, new stories untold and a seemingly dangerous place.

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VAULT 66 - All to do with presence.

DESCRIPTION: A Vault has been uncovered, Vault 66. Unknown to the world Vault 66 went quiet after the doors were sealed shut and never heard from again. Only now has it been discovered, but to what end will this adventure take you.

FEATURES: New Dungeon to explore
                 A story untold (Potential for expansion)
                 A new companion
                 New weapon
                 A compelling quest that should leave you asking for more.

INSTALL: Use latest Version/replace old version
Unpack file to your Fallout New Vegas Data file, steam users will look something like this...
               c:/ > program files > Steam > Steam app > common > Fallout New vegas > Data.

Take a walk along the road from Nipton to Novac and there you should see something unusual.

KNOWN BUGS/CONFLICTS: Companion may have conflicts with other companion mods
                                        May Conflict with any mod sharing the same location (very unlikely but it's possible)

Please endorse, deliver constructive criticism and feedback (No Haters Please). I'm not perfect and there is a little more tuning needed to be done but eventually It'll all come in. I expect to have voice acting done by the next version and a more expansive quest but for now, this what I got... I hope you all enjoy it.

Disclaimer: All thoughts going into this mod are of my own less the concepts relating to Bethesda and its tools, features and awesome game. Any alterations, changes or expansions uploaded that includes my mod should have my approval but it's not like I'd say no to anyone keen.

Happy modding people.

UPDATE: Quick Fix 1.1: Fixed the Companion failing to do as she is told, should no longer have any problem with her ignoring your requests. (Hopefully)
                Quick Fix 1.2: Fixed the Companion taking a stroll before quest begins. in other words defaulting her home package.
                Quick Fix 1.3: Solve one problem and create another, this one should be the last... Did I mention I wasn't perfect?