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Make the Mojave your b*tch.

This mod adds the MK. 46 Mod 0 light machine gun to the Mojave Wasteland.  For those who are unaware, the MK. 46 is an optimized variant of the M249/MINIMI machine gun used with armed forces throughout the world, and is designed as an automatic weapon to be carried with each squad capable of laying down high rate and high power suppressive fire.  This weapon mod is complete with custom sounds, moving parts, three weapon modifications (an ELCAN C79 scope, a retractable stock, and an ergonomic foregrip), high definition textures/normal maps/environment maps, a custom firing sound, and a custom scope reticle for the ELCAN C79.  The MK. 46s of both of the plugins contained in this mod have a firing rate of 600 rpm, or 10 rounds per second, which is accurate to the real life weapon.

The file contains two separate ESPs, only one of which can be used at a time:

1. jtuckerMK46full.esp:  Places the base weapon and all 3 modifications in a "lead-lined" footlocker deep within the Vault 34 Armory.  This plugin was designed with those who would prefer to earn such a fantastic weapon as opposed to having it be instantly accessible.  In this plugin the MK. 46 uses 5.56 ammunition, and has stats roughly the same (but a little bit better) than the vanilla light machine gun.

2. jtuckerMK46lite.esp:  Places the base weapon and all 3 modifications on the operating table in Doc Mitchell's living room.  This plugin was designed to accommodate players who would rather take the road of least resistance in order to obtain the weapon, however this comes at a price; weapon stats in this plugin are more comparable to the Assault Carbine than the Light Machine Gun, and it uses the plentiful 5mm ammo.

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Weapon Animation Replacers. If you don't have this, the gun mesh will glitch and not be held correctly in your hands.

Pelinor's Weapon Mod Menu will allow you to apply and remove weapon modifications as much as you want.  I recommend this so you can mix and match the modifications to your liking.


Copy and paste all the contents of the file into your Fallout New Vegas\Data folder.

I highly recommend using Fallout Mod Manager as always, since that makes everything so much easier to install and un-install.


All models and textures contained in this file are my property and were created by me.  If you want to use any of it in your own mods, contact me first to get my permission.

==Known Issues to be Addressed in the Future==

-Warped textures in-game.  I have been trying to find a fix for this all over and have not been successful.  If someone knows how to fix this problem, please PM me.

-Part of the scope seems a little blocky.  This is an issue with the normal maps and I am trying to find a way to fix it.

-If anyone finds any other REAL issues (Not "this gun sucks," "I hate you," or "your textures are weird"), please leave a comment in the comments tab.

-Also, the scope appears to be very big compared to the weapon.  That is ok, it is intended.  The ELCAN C79 is an extremely fat scope.  If I see anyone in the comments complaining about this I will track them down and slap them upside the head.


Millenia: This was my very first time 3d modelling or even using Photoshop for that matter, so Millenia's tutorials helped me out a ton.

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