Fallout New Vegas
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Changes all chems into real-life pharmaceuticals... and some non-pharmaceuticals... All-new drug effects

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---------- Hardcore Drugs For Fallout: New Vegas ----------
----- By: Beren -----
- Credits: senterpat for the CAM - Chems, Alcohol, and Meds: New Drugs Resources - from which I used a few bottles
- Mod list: ----- Please click HERE for my full mod list, including everything you see in the screenshots! -----

------ Version 1.10 -----
- Vicodin and Oxycodone are stronger at restoring and increasing AP
- Fixed Dixon's Vicodin
----- Version 1.03 -----
- Amoxicillin removed - replaced with Iodine
- If updating, simply overwrite files
----- Version 1.02 -----
- Fixed drugs that restore HP
- Cocaine lasts longer
What's Changed?
- This mod changes all the chems in the game to real pharmaceutical drugs, as well as many non-pharmaceutical drugs.
- Drugs have more than one effect, and are stronger than in the vanilla game.
- Drug effects are based (as close as I could make them) on their real-life effects.
- Drug effects are balanced out by their withdrawal.
- Most drugs have been changed to generic bottles (Buffout), dose-packs (Mentats), and Syringes.
Complete List of Modified Drugs:
- Adderall - Increase Agility, AP, Intelligence, Perception, and Charisma [Amphetamine Withdrawal]
- Adrenaline [High Dose and Low Dose] - Restore health and conditions
- Amphetamine Salts - Increase AP, Charisma, Intelligence, and Perception [Amphetamine Withdrawal]
- Aspirin - Restore Health and Limb Condition
- Assorted Drugs - Increase Agility, AP, and Charisma; Restore Limb Condition, Restore All Body Parts
- Cocaine - Increase Agility, AP, and Damage Resistance; Turbo Effect - [Cocaine Withdrawal]
- Codeine - Increase Endurance, Health, Strength, and AP; Restore Health - [Codeine Withdrawawl]
- Cortisone - Increase Damage Resistance, and Endurance; Restore Limb Condition - [Cortisone Withdrawal]
- Dextroamphetamine - Increase AP and Charisma - [Amphetamine Withdrawal]
- Dixon's Vicodin - Increase AP - [Vicodin Withdrawal]
- Idodine - Reduces Rads
- Lorazepam - Reduce Weapon Spread, Agility; Increase AP, Perception
- MDMA - Increase Perception, Agility, amd Charisma; Decrease Intelligence - [Amphetamine Withdrawal]
- Methamphetamine [High Dose and Low Dose] - Increase Agility, AP, and Damage Resistance, Damage+25% - [Methamphetamine Withdrawal]
- Methylphenidate - Increase Agility, AP, and Intelligence - [Amphetamine Withdrawal]
- Methylprednisolone - Increase Damage Resistance and Radiation Resistance; Restore Limb Condition
- Morphine - Increase Damage Resistance; Restore Health - [Morphine Withdrawal]
- Oxycodone - Increase AP and Damage Resistance; Restore Health; (Briefly) Reduce Agility - [Oxycodone Withdrawal]
- Suboxone - Temporarily Remove Addiction; Restore Health and Conditions
- Tramadol - Regenerate AP; Restore Health and AP; (Briefly) Reduce Agility - [Tramadol Withdrawal]
- Valium - Increase AP; Reduce Weapon Spread; (Briefly) Reduce Agility - [Valium Withdrawal]
- Vicodin - Increase AP and Damage Resistance; Restore Health - [Vicodin Withdrawal]
- Vicodin [High Strength] - Increase AP and Damage Resistance; Restore Health - [Vicodin Withdrawal]
- Wine and Amphetamines - Increase AP, Charisma, and Strength; Reduce Intelligence - [Amphetamine Withdrawal]
- Xanax - Increase AP and Perception; Reduce Weapon Spread
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