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Gives the Sentry Bot Toy a BB Minigun and marks it as a Teammate, allowing it to attack your enemies with a flurry of 1-damage-per-hit BBs, because why not.

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Ever played around with the Sentry Bot Toy?  It's cute and adorable and... useless.  I mean I don't think it really was meant to be useful in any significant way, but you know me: always tinkering, always looking for something to fiddle with.

Anyway, I figured making the li'l thing carry an actual Sentry Bot Minigun would be fairly overpowered, not to mention stretching what little believability the Fallout series already had.  But what about a smaller version, perhaps running on BBs?  A small gun to go with a small bot.  That's believable, right?

Thus, I have outfitted the Sentry Bot Toy with its own BB Minigun.  It fires BBs at the same accuracy and slightly slower rate as its larger brother, but each pellet does a piddly single point of damage.  With the game's DT system that makes it fairly low powered - certainly not capable of taking on much by itself - and yet still mildly useful. To go with all of this, the Sentry Bot Toy now has a weight (5 pounds) and a value (100 caps).  If broken, its value decreases to 10 caps.

In addition, the Sentry Bot Toy's stats, packages, and scripts have been modified so that it is now counted as a Teammate and will follow you into battle.  While it will take on enemies somewhat more powerful than it, it will back off against the truly powerful enemies such as Deathclaws and the like.  If it survives long enough to end combat (or you pick it up) it will restore its health fully, just like a normal companion.

Although it is technically a companion, the Sentry Bot Toy does not occupy a companion slot and will not prevent you from hiring any other humanoid or non-humanoid companions.  The Sentry Bot Toy also cannot carry inventory, be given additional weapons, told to wait, change its follow distance, or be interacted with in any way other than picking it up.

In short, this makes the Sentry Bot Toy something mildly worth using.  Probably.  Maybe only for the lulz.


The Sentry Bot Toy can be obtained inside the REPCONN Headquarters Gift Shop, behind the hard locked door.


By request, I have also made an Essential version of the mod.  This marks the Sentry Bot Toy as Essential whenever it is following you, making it unkillable.

You do not need to run my existing Sentry Bot Toy Fix mod for the Sentry Bot Toy to function correctly.  The fixes from that mod are included in this one.


Many thanks to The 3rd Type for providing a useable icon for the Sentry Bot Toy.