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This is a patch project to Classic Fallout Weapons (CFW) release 3.3b. Currently multiple weapons were fixed and many rebalanced. This is a WIP, but should be stable for regard to rolling updates. You are welcome to fork or to contribute.

Permissions and credits
This is my changeset for Classic Fallout Weapons (only version 3.3b) by Linerunner
it all started from glitchy Vindicator, L30 Gattling and G11, but slowly and slowly expanded as time passed.

Current version: 3.3b-999H

Incoming changes in next release 3.3b-999i PLEASE ELABORATE IN COMMENTS:
None needed so far.

Mod Stability Status: TESTED AND WORKING

Changelog (only latest version, 3.3b-999h):
* Difference between G and H: fixed missing ammo modifiers for 4.7 caseless and Needler AP. Only AiO (both versions) were affected - this is very probably coming from FNVplugin. Thanks to DarkAlienAngel for reporting! Just drop-replace for update, nothing else needed.
* Introduction of Cowboy Grunt submod, that expands Cowboy and Grunt perks with  corresponding CFW weapons. This is a standalone mod, requiring Honest Hearts (Grunt). Short sum-up is - Grunt includes basic primitive army weapons and Cowboy - western-type weapons. For list of changes please consider its own readme. This is included in AiO, as result AiO now require Honest Hearts.
* Introduction of Out of this World perk as a submod. This is an equivalent to Grunt for Sci-Fi weaponry. It does not intersect neither with Grunt nor with Cowboy. Requires OWB and GRA, hence is not included in All in One - but is highly recommended.
* Gun Rebalance mod was bumped to 1.1: Casull Revolver caliber was fixed, .308 LMGs were slightly nerfed in rate, M2 and MECC were nerfed in rate (they are still deadly, just not god-like), you can now craft Needle and NeedleAP ammo at reloading bench, amount of needle ammo at traders was fixed to regular.

Updating from previous versions:
FNV uses and stores file names of the mod itself inside each save game.
There is an ascending list inside a save game that you can view with any text editor (Notepad++, you dont need hexeditor for this).

If you upgrade, make sure that:
- the name of ESP stays same with the old one. Rename the newer ESP to match it, if needed.
- relative position of file stays same.
If you load, and see no box about absent content - you are safe. If not, quit and look at your save game with some file editor for exact mod name.

I once made a mistake of including version in ESP file name, hence causing the items to be stripped due to just different mod name.
Sorry for inconvinience.

This mod follows three goals:
1) rebalance things to project their stats into Fallout New Vegas - rather than copy them over, matching vanilla weapons.
2) fix unpleasant effects, such as excessive loudness, absence of 4.7 ammo recipe and its low in-game value and so forth.
3) improve textures and sounds where necessary
Every change is documented.

Combining mods your way:
There are two classes: All-in-One and seperate.
You can either choose All-in-One, or pick seperate mods.
You can combine seperate mods (ESPs) into one ESP, with tools such as FNVplugin very quickly.
ATTENTION: FNVplugin has a confirmed (by me) bug - this tool DOES NOT ATTACH ammo modifiers to corresponding ammo for every ADDED(MERGED) mod. The new ammo modifier entries are copied just fine, new ammo entries are copied fine likewise, but the modifiers break their attachment to corresponding ammo. That means - you must either pick a mod that changes AMMO MODIFIERS as a BASE (First one); or you must use GECK to attach the AMMO MODIFIERS after the merge.

Say, you opened "4.7 caseless" as a base mod in FNVplugin, and you want to merge(add) a Gun Stat mod.
The "4.7 mod" has 4.7 ammo with -27 DT modifier (GECK->Items->Ammo->search "47"->Edit, in lower part of the window). But because its a base mod, this change is not touched and merged without problem. 
The Gun Stat mod  - also adds new Needle AP ammo, with a -25 DT as an ammo modifier. This modifier is merged, but its not ATTACHED to this ammo. This is a bug.
To fix this, either use mods with ammo modifiers as base (first mod) and add (merge) others on top of it; or use GECK afterwards to manually attach the ammo modifiers to weapons (they are copied fine, just not linked to weapons).

Bugs and Wishes:
I usually bug-test every change in live mode.
The all-in-one is always tested - before and somewhat after new version is uploaded - so make sure you backup your old .esp before upgrading for whatever reason and do a save before switching over!
I don't start a new game, but upgrade the existing one continiously - so rolling upgradability is also secured. Know, however, that I do not use VATS - I rely on ironsights and DKBullettime mod instead. I also do none of graphics/mesh edits - just GECK configs, so
- Should you spot any bug, or trouble, please let me know. If you can reproduce it and fix, go ahead and share.
- If you are not comfortable with any change I did, you are free to change it as you see fit. You are also free to publish your own changes to anything, but under respect of copyright, especially towards other people who made CFW to what it is.

Map of features:

- All-in-One:
Everything above that is marked as such below. You don´t need anything else, if you get this one.

- All-in-One POSTFIX:
This All-in-One version is useful, if you want to distinguish CFW guns from others;
Its something you are very probably going to need, if you have other weapon mods. Now, every *original* CFW gun becomes a post-suffix " cfw".
Note: Due to lowest atom of change in ESP/ESM being an item(weapon), it is not possible to implement this mod as a stand-alone mini-mod. What you can, however do, is to open your merged mod with GECK and manually edit names(descriptions) of all "cfw" weapons.

- loudness fix
this fixes loudness for about ~30 guns towards "acceptable" level.
Some were painfully loud, others were unrealistically silent. I took care about gun caliber and if its silenced when rebalancing.
If you install this mod, you will be able to actually enjoy playing Classic Fallout Weapons with sound on.
If you don´t, unless you disable sound,  you will damage your ears, anger your relatives or wake up neighbours mid-night.

This is included in All-in-One.

- 4.7 caseless

compared to 5mm AP it has: -27 DT (vs -25 DT of 5mm AP), weights 40% less, rare, costs 60% more.
This abilities correspond to 4.7 from Fallout 2 and make weapons of this caliber quite deadly - as they are supposed to be.
If you install this mod, all 4.7 guns will use these stats regardless.
If you don´t, they will use old style -10 DT, 1-cap, higher weight version.
This is included in All-in-One.

- 4.7 caseless recipe
gives you ability to craft 4.7 caseless ammo. It requires high Repair skill though. This mod does not depend on that above.
If you install this mod, you will be able to craft 4.7 caseless ammo.
If you don´t, then you can only loot or buy this ammo.
This is included in All-in-One.

- G11/G11E stat overhaul:
-- G11
, scope fixed, mod changed, 100 gun skill req´d::   20DMG @ 10shots per second, has built-in 4x scope, can get silencer and reliability improvement.
-- G11E, unlocked in CFW, mod changed, 100 gun skill req´d::     22DMG @ 12shots per second, has built-in quality night vision scope, silencer, can get
longer scope and reliability improvement.

To use G11E, you must install G11/G11E mod. Texture packs are not required. However, installing G11E texture pack makes no sense without G11E mod, because this mod makes this gun available. It was originally locked in resources - it had mesh and textures, but no .ESP-related info such as stats,
lists and resource bindings. Also, original G11 implemented scope only as a mod - where my version gives it to both guns. They differ in scope quality, fire rate and damage.

If you install this mod, G11E will appear in game, G11/G11E will have newer stats reflecting their rank as a high-end assault rifles.
If you don´t install it, G11 will have old stats/mods/scope, G11E will not appear.
This is included in All-in-One.

- G11 retexturing:
I improved details in both G11 and G11E without increasing original texture size or dimensions. Resulting textures are compressed and mipmapped. Two variants available for G11 - with default rust colors and without. One variant for G11E. Compared to vanilla textures, newer are more detailed, looking more like they are part of the game.
If you install textures (2x for G11, 1x for G11E), they will use those textures. In order to see G11E, you need G11/G11E stat mod installed.
If you don´t install textures, guns will use old textures regardless.

Scratchy is included in All-in-One.

- Vindicator:
new spin sound, 100 gun skill req´d::  [email protected] 19 shots per second, accepts rotor, frame and ammo capacity improvements. Vindicator will become quite a deadly weapon - as it used to be; and it will also sound sexier.
This is included in All-in-One.

[INFO]  Currently Vindicator includes Backpack. This Backpack turns out incredibly buggy! If you share my concern, since it also applies to other Fallout weapons, I have created a seperate mod that addresses exactly that. There is also a documentation how to fix it yourself - regardless which mod you use.
Its called "Whack the Backpack". I do not include this mod here, because its nothing but a model edit, and addressing just a single gun would only fix part of the global problem.

- L30
completely different stats, bridging FO2 and F:NV together, wind-up  does not suck anymore:: 33 DMG @ 6 shots per second, 2 MFC/shot, 120
cap.  Perfectly fits within F:NV and opens ground why new gattling laser was created and this model - dropped.
I heavily recommend installing this mod, because the unfixed L30 spin sound is not adapted to moment of gun fire. A sample is located in Silver Rush.
If you want only to fix L30 firing sound - and nothing more, then download this mod, extract it and copy-overwrite the included sound file in your Data directory, where CFW was previously installed. Regardless if you have unpacked CFW ESP (for any reasons) or not - it will work.
This is included in All-in-One.

- YK32/YK42b:
as those are electrical guns, they do additional EMP damage to robots and power armor, in a manner similar to Pulse Pistol - but much lower. They consume more ammunition per shot, but still shot the exact amount of shots per clip as their FO2 counterparts.
In addition, YK32 includes a mod to improve damage and add a scope; YK42b has an additional mod to improve damage and fire rate.
This is included in All-in-One.

- MSG90 / AntiMateriel Unique:
changes to MSG90 to make it more capable .308 rifle, somewhere between regular Sniper and Gobi.
DMG 52->62, Critical DMG 52->62, Health 100->140, Price 4500->6100
that puts MSG90 above default 762 Sniper, but not versus uniques; Reasoning: MSG90 is definitely of higher quality, has longer barrel.
The downsides were not changed - MSG90 weights nearly twice as regular 762 sniper.

Also note: vanilla CFW MSG90 also requires one point less STR to handle, although it weights twice. This is because for same cartridge, more weight can absorb the recoil force far better. At least, its the smartest thing I came along with..  =) If you see this as a bug, please share your thoughts in comments.

Unique AMR: I felt it strange that almost all guns have uniques (like Lucky vs .357 revolver), but AMR does not.
So there is an unique rifle left by withdrawing Enclave in Vault 19 Sulfur mines. Now, you have the reason to explore Vault 19 and not to blow it directly.

DMG 110->150, Critical DMG 110->150, sniper scope has nightvision, reliability 90->150; STR req 8->9, price 5600->12800; also has a bit increased kinetic effect on fragged enemies (more fun to use). Has weight reduction mod, but if you use WMX or WME mod - this rifle may turn out to be less advantageous compared to modded original AMR. Its supposed to be that way.
This is included in All-in-One.

- Gun Stat Rebalance:

Overall, this mod bumps up a damage to all CFW guns across the board. But its does so by orienting itself on original guns of New Vegas. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MOD. This mod does not touch Vindicator or G11/E!
AK was changed to lore-friendy AK-112 Assault Rifle (from FO2). Nearly all powder-based guns have stats changed towards corresponding caliber class of base FNV weapons, and spread with pros/cons. Overall, guns have become deadlier - there is no gun which is worse than base gun of its own caliber class, there is no useless guns now. Note, that while .308 LMGs are quite deadly now, but they still lack precision and power of same caliber sniper rifles. Browning M2 and MECC are quite a serious guns for a high-level character now - but very hard to control and inaccurate due to the catridge size. Needler pistol was improved with mod-able scope and new Needle AP ammo was introduced. Both Needle ammos can be crafted. Gauss weapons were changed to Energy class due to their function principles, and their stats were matched against base FNV (increased).  * if you disagree, consider the amount of electronics and powder in these guns; and fact that energy weaponry really lacks sniper guns - where powder has of it more than enough.
This is included in All-in-One.

- Cowboy Grunt Perk in CFW
A bug reported by Kuitmo over at original Classic Fallout Weapons discussion, stating that weapons included in CFW are not affected by Grunt perk. This turned out to be true, so I decided to correct it. Here is a sum up:
Grunt gives flat 25% damage to all lower-level and regular powder-based guns - this includes mostly pistols and assault rifles. Forget exotic LMGs and heavy guns though.
Cowboy is an equivalent for western-type guns and now also affects CFW´s revolvers and shotguns.
This is included in All-in-One.

- "Out of this world" Perk
"Travel through the radioactive desert, they say? But you are known to walk the skies! Luke, is that you? You do 25% more damage with any sci-fi weapon."
At time I was implementing Grunt/Cowboy perk for CFW, I noticed that no equivalent of Grunt / Cowboy exists for the sci-fi weapons in Fallout. True, there is laser, plasma and flame perks - but their categories are split and effects minimal - giving 20% more AP in VATS or just 15% more damage to pretty weak (anyway) laser weaponry. With this NON-CANNON perk installed, when time comes, you have a chance to remember who you are. If you are talented and lucky enough, that is.
Sci-Fi weapons are defined as: ray-based laser, plasma, energy, pulse - guns, axes, grenades. I highly recommend to get this mod, if you go energy build!
This is NOT included in All-in-One, as it introduces dependency on OWB and GRA. I suggest to use FNVPlugin to merge it.

Load order: Load latest , regardless if multi-part or All-in-One version.

- mods that radically change Vault 19 cave will deprecate Unique AMR from MSG90/AntiMateriel Unique mod.

Installation (new):
Pick package(s) and install. Place ESP below all CFW ESP.

I surrender all copyright to original maker of Classic Fallout Weapons mod. I have virtually no interest in anything "copyright", my goal is to increase the enjoyment of CFW mod - further. Nothing else.

Textures used are modifications to original CFW:NV mod textures for the sake of improving detail - lots of work done, but no copyright is claimed.

Sounds used are courtesy of Jim Rogers, under Attribution 3.0 license.

WTFPL - my changes
Original CFWNV license, copyright surrender - textures of G11/G11E on which improvements are based
Sounds - under free license, thank you Mr. Rogers!

Now, go out and prospect something xD