Time Heals Wounds by God2
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Added: 03/08/2014 - 08:53PM
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Last updated at 20:53, 3 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 20:53, 3 Aug 2014

This mod brings back a small amount of health regeneration when sleeping to hardcore mode. If you don't play Hardcore, this mod does nothing. The mod is made to be played with the accelerated HTS-rates of Project Nevada.

The player character heals a small amount for every hour of sleep. Higher endurance increases the amount healed, while high hunger and thirst rates can reduce or remove healing from rest completely.

No configuration options are included, but you may edit the script "TimeHealsWoundsScript" with GECK. Every line of code is commented, so changing around heal rates should be fairly straightforward should you wish to do it.

Heal rates are as follows:

END 1,2,3 = 1,5% heal per hour of sleep.
END 4,5,6 = 2% heal
END 7,8,9 = 2,5% heal
END 10 = 3% heal

Non-crippled limbs are healed at half the rate.
Crippled limbs do not heal by resting.
Having a thirst or hunger value of 600 or more subtracts 1% heal per hour each.
A thirst or hunger value of 800 will shut down healing from rest.
Waiting as opposed to sleeping cuts healing in half.