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Name : Gloss House Fashion
Version : Beta 1.2
Category : Clothes
Author : GlossHouse
Meshes: by Eronel55
Textures: by Xazomn
Clean up esp: By Bethjunky
Converted Xaphan from skyrim to fallout by Riven1978

This is not a lore friendly mod, if you do not like it then you at the wrong place.
This will place a trunk near the Gun Runners from Gloss House Fashion with new outfits for type3 created by Gloss House .

Outfits :


This outfit comes in 5 different colors
Vault colors

Infidelity :

You can choose between 3 different outfits.

Creme Wool turtle neck with creme shoes that goes with it. The shoes got an nice wooden heel .
Black leather with turtle neck and fitting shoes with glass heels
Black leather v neck with fitting shoes with glass heels

Is an futuristic ninja looking skimpy outfit made from pieces of black leather

Sexy female leather outfit with tight high heeled boots,tight shirt and leather pants .

All screenshots are made with ENB
Puretone ENB FNV by lonewander518

This is still an beta version, it is hard to work with two people both at the other side of this world.I am depending on his mesh skils and he on my texture work.
It still needs some tweaks on the outfits to reduce clipping issues. Specialy with poses it will happend some clipping issues.
The wrist got still a little gap but that will finaly complete removed.
Pitstop Girl got Gloves with ,but still waiting for the mesh itself so i can create textures for them.

The shoes are already seprate,but does not work in fallout yet.Working on that.
Like to make the panties seperated with larger size texture file, nice for sexy screenshots . Working on that right now.
Whant to make more options for the turtle neck and the v-neck

For all outfits:
Normal maps needs to reduce seam issues as reduce some shine on some parts of the outfits.
Still need some good GO meshes for the outfits that fit better then i use now, but you can throw it on the ground. At least i could do that for now.
there will come more assessories to wear in the future

If there is something wrong with this mod,just let me know so we can take that with the next update.

It is possible to install it with NMM or manualy,just place the GH_Fashion.bsa and GH_Fashion.esp in your data folder, check esp in your NMM

Delete the GH_Fashion.bsa and GH-Fashion.esp from your data folder

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