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It adds a warehouse where you can store your stuff, it doesn't have a lot of unnecessary things. It has a work and reloading bench, a vendor, a bed and a couple of closets and chests. It also has a vault entrance that is purely for show and a "vault" with sierra madre gold bars and rare pre-war money.
The warehouse is east of camp McCarran and a bit to the north of the Grub 'n Gulf. (see images)

The key to the money chamber is at the fountain of the Dead Money DLC.

The warehouse is navmeshed so your companions will walk as if it were a vanilla location. The robots inside will kill NCR followers from the NCR emergency radio.

Unzip the file, drag the file into the data folder and enable it in the Fallout New Vegas launcher.

Updates of version 1.1
 -I navmeshed the interior and exterior of the warehouse.
 -I corrected the type error of the Enhancement suit" (which was previously "Enhencement suit").
 -I changed the name of the clothing cabinet from "sword cabinet" to "clothing cabinet".
 -I lowered the amount of caps the vendor has to fix the bug in which players don't get any caps when trading with him.
 -I added 2 additional robots on the outside of the warehouse.
 -I lowered the amount of empty bottles of soda, caps and soda you could receive from the soda machines.
  -I changed the HoloEmitter to a real one that lights up and can be disabled.