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Lets you repair Metal Armor with most metal Miscellaneous Items. Coffee Pots, Toasters, Metal Cooking Pans, Scrap Metal, Pressure Cookers, Harmonicas....

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Metal Armor is kind of an odd duck.  It's meant to be the low-cost alternative to more expensive Combat Armor, trading weight for price.  The problem is, repairing it usually winds up being about as expensive in the long run, especially given how many things will repair Combat Armor versus what will repair Metal Armor.  Wouldn't it be nice if there were other things you could use to repair Metal Armor?

With that in mind, I asked myself "what exactly would you need to repair Metal Armor?"  Metal, obviously... and really that's it. Pretty much anything metal should work.  So I went with that.

This mod allows you to repair Metal Armor and Metal Armor, reinforced with a huge swath of metal items from the Misc category.  You cannot use Tin Cans, but beyond that almost all metal items of any significant size can be used, specifically:

Coffee Pot
Dog Bowl
Lawn Mower Blade
Metal Cooking Pan
Metal Cooking Pot
Metal Spoon
Pressure Cooker
Tin Plate
Toaster (both varieties)


As with my Repair Bladed Weapons with Whet Stone mod, the amount of repair available from these Misc items is limited.  At maximum repair skill you can get at most a 20% increase in condition by repairing with a Misc item.  This is because the engine views all Misc items as having 0% health for the purposes of repair.  Frankly, I find this a reasonable drawback.