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It is a Tactical Corset. What more do you need to know? :D

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Tactical Corset Outfits


It's a Tactical Corset. What more do you need to know? :D

In all seriousness, this file has been hanging around my hard drive for too long. Not to mention that my free time is going to dry up soon due to work. So I'm going to release this mod in its unfinished state so that others can still enjoy this.

If you do find any bugs, issues, or ideas to make it better, feel free to post them. I can't promise that I'll get to the bugs, issues, or new ideas but I'll try at the least.

There's three outfits:
- Tactical Corset Bare: Doesn't have any of the gear or coat add-ons
- Tactical Corset Gear: Has all of the gear that makes this outfit "tactical"
- Tactical Corset Full: Same as the Gear but with an awesome duster. 

In case some of you can't go into Goodsprings for whatever reason, here are the item IDs:
xx0168ea = Tactical Corset Bare
xx0168eb = Tactical Corset Full
xx016ea6 = Tactical Corset Gear


In the bathroom of the Prospector's Saloon in GoodSprings.


7-Zip program
Any Type 3 related Body


0.6 Release

Known Bugs and Issues:
• Doesn't let me sleep at night.
• Lots of clipping to be honest. 


1. Extract the files from the archive.
2. Copy files to (install folder)\Fallout New Vegas\Data\
3. Start Fallout Mod Manager or Nexus Mod Manager and place a check-mark beside the tacticalcorset.esp file.


1. Start Fallout Mod Manager or Nexus Mod Manager and uncheck the tacticalcorset.esp file file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

Credits and Thanks for Resources Used:
• Dimon99 for the type 3 body
• RedlineC64 for his JillBSAA outfit whose gear I used
• R18PN for the Amy Armor. Bronson for the conversion to Fallout.
• Backsteppo as I'm pretty sure I used an asset or two from his mods but I just can't remember where.
• Fizz for the pants from his Lady mod 
• Jonas66 for his mod readme that I hope he doesn't mind that I ripped parts off :)
• If I missed anyone, please PM me and let me know. Don't want to leave anyone out.

Do whatever you want with the mod as long as you credit the mod authors above as well as myself. Also, a message from you (if it's going to be a public mod) if you're using the above mod assets would be nice :)