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Requires Gun Runners' Arsenal!

Note: Users of v1.0 please download v1.1 as I've found out that I've overlooked the ammo list for the Bozar, as such it currently uses 5.56mm ammo, v1.1 switches it to correctly use .50MG.

...The ultimate refinement of the sniper's art...

'During the development of Fallout 2, the Bozar was supposed to be a sniper rifle rather than an automatic heavy support weapon with a scope, but a mistake was committed during the attribution of the stats and they were kept like that, making the Bozar an atypical weapon.'

But what if the guys at Black Isle didn't make that mistake? What if the Bozar wounded up what it was intended to be - a long range, sharpshooting scoped rifle?

Mind you, I had to take up a design liberty in terms of the munitions used and performance - .50 MG ammo, but still, tell me it doesn't look like a Fallout-eqsue M107 SASR.

Damage: 90, AMR is 110
Crit dmg: 60 vs AMR's 110
Crit chance: 0.8x mult vs AMR's 1.0x mult
Min spread: 0.05, compared to AMR spread of 0.015
Sight FOV: 30°, AMR is 28° so the bozar has a slightly less powerful telescopic sight
HP: 80, you better make sure you have the jury rigging perk or weapon repair kits at the ready, cause it maintains its reputation as a damn fragile weapon unless it's kept 'scrupulously clean and in good repair.' The AMR has 95 HP, lasting longer than this semi-auto variant.
AP: 60, five points less than the GRA AMR. You might just be able to get an extra shot in VATS.
Those using GRA merge mods (i.e. the vanilla weapons use GRA mods instead, replacing the GRA versions) will find that it uses 5 more AP than the standard AMR, this is due to its semi auto nature...you can pump round after round after round of 50 cal goodness into your target, whereas the AMR requires patience and a steady hand.

It also weighs 20 frigging pounds, 9kg for us followers of the metric measure and up from the original 15 lbs, and also has a strength requirement of 8 and guns skill requirement of 100.
The shell casing has been changed to the 7.62mm one as that is the closest thing there is to a .50 BMG casing in this game.

It all really boils down to a matter of whether you want to dish out a rain of pain, or raw firepower.

Just copy the .esp to your data folder and you're done!

Version 1.1a has changes implemented on feedback from Anguti222, thanks!
The AP requirement has been dropped to 48, as semi-auto rifles in NV tend to have lower AP costs than bolt-action rifles. I've not really used VATS much whenever I play Fallout, so I'm a bit foggy with VATS balancing. Fire rate has been nerfed to 1.3, as with the myriad of ammo types and the ever-devastating explosive variant of the .50 MG bullet, it would still outclass anything. As such the DPS is now 117, higher than the Gobi scout rifle but offset by the fact that the Gobi rifle has x2 a crit chance versus the Bozar's 0.8x crit chance. The DPS is still far higher than the AMR's DPS of 49, reinforcing the choice of raw firepower vs more damage per second.

This also goes very well with EmeraldReign's Forge Beyond Bozar texture. Just install the meshes and textures and you should be good to go. Merge the .esp if necessary. That recoiling barrel just adds a touch of badassness to the Bozar...