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Adds a scratch made Dc-15s carbine blaster from star wars to the game. Comes with custom textures, sounds, pip boy icon and a short marked quest.

Permissions and credits
-This mod adds a scratch made dc-15s carbine from star wars. The mod comes with custom sounds,meshes and textures and a pip-boy icon.
In addition I added a short marked quest to make it fit with the lore.

-Install: Simply take the Data folder and put it inside your New Vegas directory then tick the dc15 esp in data files.

-Location: To make the gun more lore friendly I added a really short but marked quest. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DO IT then don't complain in the comments and beg for me to put the weapon ID or the weapon itself in a place like Doc Mitchell's house. I WON'T ADD any cheat versions or anything like that. If you are too lazy to do the quest simply use GECK to put it somewhere yourself!

The quest starts near a crashed repconn rocket directly south west from the Nipton road pit stop.

-Features and other remarks: I am aware that the reload animation isn't working properly but there just isn't a vanilla weapon in fallout that has a similar reload animation so it's kind of impossible for this mod to have one.

-I changed the laser beam colour so it's blue instead of red
-As stated above the mod comes with a custom pip boy icon and sounds
-The weapon can be crafted at a workbench but it requires alot of parts only availible from the quest and repair skill 40

-Feedback: If you like the mod endorse it and comment. I'll appreciate any kind of feedback except demands like "can't you give us the weapon ID if we don't want to do the quest?"
Feel free to do all sorts of video reviews and have fun with the mod :)

-Copyright: Don't use the mod for any other than personal use. If you have any questions like using the weapon in your own mod ask me first and wait for my permission.