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Live as a scavenger aims at improving your life as a scavenger (unbelievable I know).

The mods features:
- tons of new cooking recipes: if it's raw you can probably cook it (and if you can't I invite you to tell me that I totally failed).
- an easier life for gunners: now you can craft cases from scrap metal.
- craftable energy cells for pew-pew fans (and a not-so energy efficient conversion to alien powercells coming soon).
- the RadAfar & RadAfarAway: heal radiation over (a long period of) time (because opening that damn pipboy every 10s is not that fun).
- the purification kit: allow you to turn irradiated or dirty drinks and food into their pure counterpart (do not use on ghouls: guns are far more effective).
- high compatibility: the mod does not modify any single vanilla item/recipe/script/whatever.

Recipes are only displayed in the crafting menus if you meet the requirements being a skill level or a perk (or in a few cases having the required ingredients).
All items and recipes should be balanced but if you live as a scavenger your life will be a lot easier (Yeah! Finally found that rhyme!).

Manuall install:
Drop "live as a scavenger.esp" in your FalloutNV/Data/ folder.

Manual uninstall:
Delete "live as a scavenger.esp" from your FalloutNV/Data/ folder.