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A mod adding breathing sound effects that change depending on situation.

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Hello all!
This is my very first released mod, so go easy on me!
It's nothing breathtaking, actually, it's quite the opposite!

This mod creates an invisible item that you can wear over any armour and that will provide you with breathing sound effects for that extra immersion.
Features included:
invisible headgear called Gasmask Filter occupying the BodyAddOnSlot3
breathing sounds that get heavier and faster when your health drops below 33%
The filter unequips automatically when you have the mask slot free (id est when you have no headgear occupying the mask slot equipped)

The headgear doesn't provide any bonuses and is simply there for the immersion.
You can find 20 of these in a briefcase in the Goodsprings Gas Station

you ABSOLUTELY need NVSE (New Vegas Script Extender) and Fallout New Vegas
simply drag and drop the sound and esp file into your data folder and enable the plugin in your preferred mod manager

------------------------------------CONFLICTS AND TESTING------------------------------------
There shouldn't be any conflicts because it doesn't really change any of the vanilla assets.
Know however, that this plugin was only tested by me on my machine (albeit for an extensive amount of time) so I can't be sure of the conflicts that possibly could arise in your game, therefore, BACKUP the files you deem neccesarry (including save files!)
Also, my support for this mod will be limited as I am busy in real life...but the need for support shouldn't really occur as I see very little conflict possibilities.
I will try my best to answer questions and solve problems though.

I am NOT responsible for anything bad that happens on your machine (no not even if the breathing sounds bring your monitor to life and it runs away)

--------------------------------------PERMISSION AND REDISTRIBUTION--------------------------------------
Hello everybody!
Wow it's been incredibly rough times IRL (inbetween university struggles to relationship problems) so I apologize dearly to
all of you who were waiting for a reply from me..
I would never imagine this mod growing this much, as it started as a very easy mod for
my personal usage. That being said I imagine there being a lot of more
talented people with more time on their hands, thus I give permission to
anyone who wishes to rewrite, modify and release parts of this mod FOR
FREE (no, you are never allowed to sell any assets from this mod).
The only requirement I have is that you credit me and make your files
dependable on mine (basically meaning this mod has to be downloaded
before yours).
I thank you for your great support over my absence and I am very happy that you did your own modifications as that is what
modding should be - customizing YOUR gaming experience.
I will now retreat to the troubles of real life (as much as I hate to). With that,
thank you again and keep up all the great work and I wish you many
bug/crashfree hours of Fallout New Vegas and other great games. Goodbye

--------------------------------------CREDITS AND THANKS-----------------------------------
ME (SHADOW0011) - scripting, sound recording (breathing into the mic like a creep) and editing
XILANDRO - this awesome guy created the auto-unequip script for me, big thanks for this and for being kind and helpful!

A BIG THANKS goes to the awesome people of a forum I am not allowed to name for their encouragement, kind words and suggestions, I would have never finished and released it without them, THANKS GUYS