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This house mod completely changes the inside of Victor's Shack turning it into a lovely little starting player home. Contains a bed, radio, plenty of storage and lots of homely decoration.

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I always wanted a nice home to start off with in Goodsprings so you didn't have to rush the first few hours of the game just so you can finally have a home and place to stash your stuff. There are quite a few home mods for Goodsprings on here, but none have felt quite right for me. They either felt like they gave too much, or were not at all homely.

So here is mine!

See the pics for what is in each room. You do start off with some items, but only a few basics for decoration, so don't worry about being given too much free stuff. (Most valuable things are the Field Hand Outfit, 1Weapon Repair Kit, 3 magazines, 2 Stimpacks and 1 Doctor's Bag). Some containers contain some hand-picked items, and all contains are set to not respawn, so they are safe. The radio plays Music New Vegas when switched on.

Please let me know how you find it, or if you can see any improvements to be made. I'm pretty sure it is 100% bug/clip free, but if not let me know and I'll fix it.

There are no requirements besides the original game, so anyone can enjoy this home with or without DLC.