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Have you ever been searching legionary companion with good voice acting, a couple of quests and nice background story... Then this mod is for you.

Zooming fix have been added.

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(Requires all big DLC's (All except Courier's stash))

UPDATED! Install Companion Adelphus Update right onto the main file, rewriting every file it requires to.

'Father died when I was sixteen. Some bighorn flattened him during farmers' hunt. Since then, I was on my own. The roughness of the desert shaped my body and mind.'

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{NOTE: See incompatibilities list below}

The Courier, bearing the Caesar's Legion marked coat presented to him by Ulysses, was wandering the Wastes in search for somebody to join on his journeys. Once upon a time, he came into the Fort, entering Caesar's tent. It appears that some new person came back to the tent after some wastelanding time. Inspecting this male and noticing him to be a well-trained muscular frumentarii worrying about something, Courier wondered if he is in need of some help, so our Hero came to him, starting a dialogue...

Adelphus is a legionary frumentarii companion, appearing to be in Caesar's tent. He has basic Fallout New Vegas companion features and more interesting stuff. If to be exact, he has...

- Basic companion features (commands + affection with Ferocious Loyality perk)
- Nice voice acting by Vosto.
- Ability not to be stripped for weapons at The Fort. Though he won't trade equipment with you in there, too.
- Permission to enter Caesar's tent.
- Two quests: one to hire him, one is his personal quest. There are several ways to pass both of them. (NOTE: Personal quest is NOT active ATM. It's WIP, but almost done.)
- His own opinions about personalities and factions (Caesar's Legion, Mr. House, The Burned Man and more...)
- Background story starting at pre-war time and going right into the present. (at least as Adelphus states that)
- Ability to talk with The Courier about some people who got killed by The Courier, like Mr. House, 1st Recon or ambassador Crocker (WIP!).
- Perk 'n' trait features! (Wild Wasteland, Terrifying Presence (WIP))

To hire Adelphus, you have to be working for Caesar, Caesar must be alive (even brain surgery death will make him unhireable - he will blame you and only you.), Mr. House must have just been reported dead.

- Caesar's New Regime

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