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Added: 07/05/2014 - 10:06AM
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Last updated at 10:10, 7 May 2014 Uploaded at 10:06, 7 May 2014

- A random customer generation system. Each customer has their own biases.
- New recipes for new food items: Hotdog, Corndog, Hotdog stick. (You make the food in campfires.)

How it works:
There is a cash register activator in front of Old Mormon Fort with some display models of the food items corndog, hotdog, and hotdog stick. These food items are created with a recipe of Flour, Giant Rat Meat, Maize.
Activating the cash register will prompt a button which will spawn 1 of 10 possible customers each of which have an equal chance of being spawned. Player controls will then be disabled.The customer will be spawned front of the Freeside North Gate who will then run up to you and will then tell you their request. Then based on the available amount of food items (hotdog, corndog) certain dialogue choices will be available to you. Then once you're done dealing with the customer they will exit from where they came from then player controls are renabled.

A base installation of Fallout New Vegas. No DLCs required.

Extra information:
All together I probably only put in like 2-3 days work on this mod. Most the time was spent prototyping to even see if a Player Character job system like this was even possible and it is! This mod took me less than a week to complete and I don't think I'll be expanding it. However there's a strong chance whatever future project I work on will have the job system displayed here but with more polish and deeper content. The thing about this job system is that it could be expanded or retooled for whatever kind of quest you want. A repeatable assassination mission(s)? No problem. It's just a matter of organizing your script variables and such. One big tip though: the getrandompercent function of the geck doesn't work properly when used in a script attached to quests. At least in my experience. For this mod I had to use that function in the script attached to the activator.

- GooGoo Bars
- New Vegas Uncut Freeside Open

What could be improved:
- A greater amount of possible customers.
- Special unique customers that remember past exchanges.
- Combat encounters.
- A unique store front.

User Kuroitsune for the lovely corndog model.
Zangief for having the best stage song in Street Fighter 2.