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Come to New Vegas and be the tyrant you always wanted to be.

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This is a personal mod that I've had in the works for a while now and I decided to upload it just for the heck of it.


After killing Mr. House and seizing control of New Vegas, I never got the feeling of really being in charge of New Vegas. Sure the wildcard quests had you forming alliances and making preparations to kick the NCR and Legion out of the Mojave, but that's only part one of regime change for dummies. This mod aims at making New Vegas feel like a conquered yet still contested land ruled by the player.

Note that this mod is not triggered by any actions you take in game. Its fully active once you install it.

More features and bug fixes will come but not for awhile.

-Army of Lobotomites patroling the Mojave wishing for a nuclear winter.
-New structures added to the strip and freeside.
-Factories in North Freeside now have interiors.
-Worker and citizen npc's now present throughout the strip and freeside.
-Outposts set up in Goodsprings, Goodsprings Source, Primm, Grub-n-Gulp, Novac, and Sloan.
-Nine telescreens, activate them to read some nonsense.
-Collect profits from your Empire.
-Pay to train new imperial soldiers who will follow you into battle.

-All four main DLC's

Compatible and highly recommended:
-New Vegas Trade Center
-Prover Your Worth 3 Business Radroach Edition Its always nice to watch an Imperial patrol slug it out with a business radroach army.

-Chad95 for his amazing tank resource. Tank and Jet Resources.