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Never again will you have to fork over a thousand caps to do a simple repair of your rifle.

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This is another very small mod with a very big effect that I felt really needed to be done (and that I'm yet again surprised hasn't been done already.)
This mod sets Repair Vendors to offer their services for a choice of reduced prices. What's my reasoning for this?
1. Weapon Repair Kits themselves are worth 20 caps flat. If they're a repair vendor, they should have plenty of these on hand.
2. At those outrageous costs, you'd need to hand over an arm and a leg just to fix your Rifle and Armor from half condition. Because of this, Repair Vendors are seldom used for even minor repairs, and an entire element of gameplay is gone to waste.
3. Repair is pretty much the most important skill in vanilla due to this. You almost can not play the game without at least having the Jury Rigging perk. This mod saves you the trouble of having to waste skill points.
4. Once you do have the Jury Rigging perk, Repair Vendors are further trivialized since you can just buy dirt cheap weapons to use as repair fodder instead of paying the repairman.
5. Vanilla repair vendor price formula results in the repair cost for a completely broken weapon to be DOUBLE the weapon's/armor's price AT FULL CONDITION. That means unless you're using a unique, you're pretty much always better off just buying a new weapon/armor set and selling off the old one.
Like my other mod, this mod only changes one variable and should therefore be highly compatible with just about anything. This is a fix I felt just had to be made to "repair" the repair system. (I mean, it's annoying enough having to carry around an entire armory just so you can keep a single weapon well kept.) Therefore, it should be compatible with literally anything and everything that does not effect the same variable (and as far as I'm concerned, nothing in existence right now does.)
Pick a version from the files section. The file description gives you an idea of how much repairs will cost. Use only one version of this mod at a time.

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