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Adds Chakan and his armor for you to find in Goodsprings.

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For a playable race version of this character, please use this mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58717/?

Thanks for downloading Chakan for New Vegas

First and Foremost, the credits:

Credits: Fabricio Moraes is the creator of the model and textures. He kindly gave the model for use in this mod at my request. Many, many thanks to him. The model is excellent quality and Fabricio is a fantastic artist. Also, my friend Frank rigged the sword for me. The rest of the work (rigging, conversion, GECK implementation) was done by me.

====EDIT==== Now that the Predator has been added, credit goes to Faraz Mobin for creating the model and textures. As with Chakan, I merely adapted them for use in Fallout. Yes, that's right, the Predator is now included. =====End EDIT=====

This mod adds a full-body version of Chakan: The Forever Man to the game along with his sword and a human-playable version of the outfit and hat. They are found in a sack to the left of the door in front of Chet's General Store in Goodsprings. Sorry, nothing more elaborate at the moment. The full-body variant isn't directly lore-friendly, but it will be good for role-players and fans of Chakan. The human-playable version of the outfit is just plain cool looking. It doesn't matter who you are.

Compatible with ALL male body types. No female version. If anyone wants to make it... go for it!

To install, just drop the contents of the archive into your NV data folder and activate the esp. Done.

Chakan is based on the character from the 1992 Sega game of the same name. The character was developed by Robert A. Kraus and RAK.

Go to -- http://www.rakgraphics.com/chakan/ --to learn more.

Enjoy the mod!