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Ever noticed how when you look down or up, the gun is misaligned with the crosshairs? This mod fixes that.

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Does exactly what the title says: aligns your weapon with the crosshairs at all times in first person whether you're looking down, up, forward, backward, or side-ways.
I'm honestly surprised that nobody has done this before except for one person who hid the file. With that, I decided to go into GECK and figure out how to make this change on my own since it was really bothering me that the gun wouldn't stay with the crosshairs. It's not exactly a glitch, just poor design in my opinion. Nonetheless, this mod remedies it.
Compatible with literally anything and everything (probably). All this mod does is change a single variable, so unless some other mod changes this variable as well, it'll be compatible. Any custom weapons, animation replacers, custom armors, custom HUDs, custom Crosshairs and such will work with this mod. I've also confirmed that this mod is compatible with the New Vegas Enhanced Camera mod.
Just drop the .esp in the Data folder.
Look, some guy made a pretty cool review of it.

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A Fallout 3 version of this mod can be found here