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This mod adds a stealth effect to the Stealth Suit Mk II

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This is my first mod. I got the idea from the Advanced Recon Stealth Armor Mod by Gopher.

I really liked the idea that Gopher had for his armors and thougth, why should such an advanced armor like the Stealth Suit Mk II not have something like this, so i added it.

As of version 0.2 there is now a .omod installer that lets you choose between 3 options (much like with Gopher's Armors).

Option 1: A powerful Stealth Field that makes you invisible when you are crouching, not moving and don't have any weapon drawn.

Option 2: A not as powerful Stealth Field. But now you can your weapon out while crouching and standing still.

Option 3: An even weaker Stealth Field. But the only requirement now is to crouch. So you can move around with your weapon out while remaining invisible.

Just download and follow the installer. Should be pretty self-explanatory. If not (or if there are any problems with the installer) please let me know and i will do my best to fix these.

I left the old version (single .esp file with the option 1 Stealth Field) up for people who prefer that.

Should be compatible with pretty much anything that doesn't alter the Stealth Suit Mk II. If you find any issues please let me know.

Gopher: although i dont use any of his files i'd still like to thank him for giving me the idea with the stealth field!!!