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Adds a custom made old school Turkish Ottoman empire Blunderbuss called The Thunderpipe! It has alot of's loud! What else could you want for blowing away groups of people and deathclaws in one shot? One draw side though...with great power...comes great reload times!

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UPDATE: If you are using Weijesen's IMPACT mod for New Vegas then make sure it replaces the thunderpipe ballistics files. (If you installed IMPACT after The Thunderpipe and pressed ''Yes'' to all replacements then you have no need to worry about anything. 

Hi all this is my first ever weapon mod! This adds a Turkish Ottoman empire blunderbuss called The Thunderpipe to the game. Spec maps now look much better and the same for particle effects!
It is a high powered (Not too over the top) weapon. The reason for this is because it only shoots once at a time as to keep to the design of the weapon.
It took some time to make and get right but it is finally here! Yay! It was all made from scratch from 3Ds max, sounds created in Fl studio and textured with Photoshop!

Here is a video made by Ncrvet showing the Thunderpipe in action!

Weijiesen did a little tweaking and added new effects for ballistic weapons, ricochet of bullets, tons of smoke and much more!

To install this just drop and drag the contents of the downloaded file into the Fallout New Vegas Data folder then activate it in FOMM or NMM.

(For the Load order fanatics :P) Put it with all your other weapon mods in your load order for the best results!

To uninstall it just uncheck it on your load order! For a compete uninstall CAREFULLY delete all related files.

The weapon can be found on Doc Mitchell's double bed...

This is just for your information. There is and should be no known issues with this mod and collisions with other mods.
My apologise if the models and textures are not up to par.
One thing I have to say is about the animations...due to the difficulty of animating the hammer of a blunderbuss in the GECK the hammer (The bit that strikes down on stuff to make it go BOOM) unfortunately does not move. Naky did make the reload and shoot animations look amazing considering the model. If anyone is not seeing loads and loads of smoke coming from the gun when they shoot this is an issue with the game..aka view most of it go into god mode!

Huge thanks and credits to many people for making this possible!
Millenia for making the environment map, being a lovely friend and teacher.

Naky for fixing alot of stuff and as he would say screwing up everything else.

T3T for the tasty custom icon.

Ncrvet for making a video showing the blunderbuss!

Weijiesen for making the spec maps look better and for all the special effects!