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This mod adds a revamped tactical flamer to the game world. With all new meshes, textures and features, I'm sure you'll love playing with this weapon of mass burnitude!

Permissions and credits
[size=7]Tactical Flamer Revamp[/size]

This mod requires NVSE to work.


This mod adds brand new tactical flamers to the game using scripts that add them to various
leveled lists on start-up, so fiends will wield the mighty flamers.
Also, they have been added to form lists so the pyromaniac perk and the flamers become one.


There are 4 different colours for the flamer, each with a basic version and a display
version. The basic versions are the base tactical flamer, whereas the display versions
include a nifty little screen that shows you all sorts of information about the tactical
flamer in your hands!

You can customise the display too while the tactical flamer is in your hands in-game!

These are the controls for the display:

Display show "1" "2" "3" "4" -> "NUM 1, 2, 3, 4";

enable/disable display options: "Numpad + //for disable also "Numpad 4"

Laser on/ off: "Numpad 5"

Laser color: "Numpad 6"


The flamers have been added to the game world using scripts that add them to various levelled
lists and form lists, so people like the fiends will roam the waste with mighty new weapons.

If you still need more guidance then you basically need to go wherever there are usually

The normal versions of the flamer have been added to NPCs, vendors and containers, whereas
the flamers with displays have only been added to vendors and containers.

In order for the flamer to spawn in the world (on NPCs, vendors and in containers) you will need
to go into an interior cell (such as Victor's shack, nice and empty in there) and wait for 3 days (72 hours).

Known Issues and Bugs

At first the script for the display might be a little buggy.

To solve this you need simply use the display to set some options, unequip the weapon the
equip it again.


-Myself (cheesy_fof) for creating the plugin and tinkering with leveled lists and such.

-MrRadioactiv for creating the meshes, textures and the display script.

-Ebolate for editing the display meshes to remove the laser (for those who don't like the laser, for whichever reason)

-EMEUTIER for creating the original tactical flamer for Fallout 3, providing the inspiration/base behind this revamp

-Env map: "Emil Persson for his fantastic cubemap http://www.humus.name"



-As well as some other amasing people at www.deviantart.com/

Manual installation

To install the mod manually, simply extract the following files to the Fallout: New Vegas
data folder ("C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonFallout New VegasData")

-Tactical Flamer Revamp.esp
-Tactical Flamer Revamp.bsa

You have to install the base file first (the main file). Then you can install any of the files below.

To install the UHQ texture you need simply extract the textures folder to the data folder.

If you want to install the vanilla environment patch then do exactly what you did for the
above files.

There is also a set of alt meshes for the display versions of the flamers, so if you don't like the big laser, you can use these meshes to remove them!
To install the alt meshes, simply extract the meshes folder to the data folder.

Nexus Mod Manager Installation

You should be able to download and install this mod using the Nexus Mod Manager or FOMM.

Manual Uninstallation

To uninstall this mod then simply remove whatever you extracted to the data folder.

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Here's a video from MCDOfficial

Here's a video from ncrvet

Here's a video from misalen/SkyttsTV

Legal and Licensing

Before using any of the content included in this mod, seek the permission of the author
responsible for those assets.